Feed Reader spring cleaning

I decided the other day that my feed reader was bloated.  I spend a fair amount of time trying to read through each and every one of the feeds and find myself sometimes just marking certain feeds as read and moving on to the ones I really do want to read.

As a result of that, I decided to give it a little bit of a spring cleaning.  I started at 185 feeds and have wittled it away to just 141 so far.  I still plan on taking a few more out over the next few days and weeks in hopes of getting closer to about 120 feeds.

A good portion of the ones that remain are feeds that I use to find inspiration for my blogs. The rest are just ones I enjoy reading.  So, if you were previously on the list and aren’t, I apologize but you probably wont make it back either.  If you weren’t on the list and still aren’t, don’t feel bad.  There are about 49,999,859 other blogs that I don’t read either.

If you’d like to see what I read, you an always take a look at my bloglines list.

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  1. Thanks for not cutting me. But I know how you feel about a bloated feed reader. Oy – I need to do some spring cleaning!

  2. NG, I couldn’t cut you, I enjoy the posts way too much! Must be something about knowing who you are? Dunno.