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Pagerank Update underway

It would seem that whilst I was in a cave this weekend, Google decided to start a pagerank update. While not all the Data Centers seem to be updated just yet, it’s clear that a few are already. If you don’t know what PageRank is, don’t be to ashamed, I didn’t know once. Basically, it’s a measure of the popularity of a site address according to a Google algorithm. The measure is out of 10, so a 0/10 is the worst and a 10/10 is the best. I should mention that all sites begin at 0 so it can sometimes mean that the site is new.

On a personal site note, this site seems to be staying at PR5 while the new addresses for A Penny Saved and eBay Habit are moving up to PR2 and PR3 respectively. I find that interesting as the address has about 2-3 times more incoming links than the address. So, I can guess that traffic must make a bit of a difference there as well as ebay habit makes about 1.3 times the traffic.

Did your site get updated or downgraded?

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Search hits can dwindle with dormancy

Don’t count on Google and Yahoo! to keep sending traffic your way if your site has gone dormant. While it’s true that once a page gets listed, you’ll have a hard time getting delisted, a lack of updates can certainly diminish your results.

Part of the search engines’ algorithm is the use of the freshness of a website to help rank your sites content in the search results. Now, it won’t affect it as much as your linkage, but it does make a difference.

The more you write, the higher you’ll rank for freshness and the higher you’ll rank period. The concept is the key one in why blogs have such a high rank in most of the search engines. The natural freshness of a new post once or twice a day or even just once or twice a week combined with the excellent nature of blog interlinking make them the darlings of the search engine algorithms.

So, if you have a hot page that gets a lot of hits from the search engines, the best possible way to make sure that you keep that traffic up is to continue to create new content. Well, that and continuing to write on the same content as the page that the search engines hit. But that’s another post.

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To heck with Apple, I want a Zune!

I can’t really afford to buy either one of them myself, but I just might be able to win one with this fun little entry into John Chow’s latest “Evil Blog Contest.” John runs the blog at where he takes us all along in his journey to make money on the internet. He’s done a pretty good job of it too. I believe the last total was over $3000 in one month. I can barely scrape out a tenth of that. Maybe I should read a little closer.

Anyways. Back to the contest. John is giving away a Microsoft Zune in his latest Evil Blog Contest. And I want one! I’ve seen a few iPods, and they are certainly nice and flashy, but for whatever reason, I like the Zune better. Something about not being a Applehead and not buying into the hype.

Wish me luck!

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Our little man managed to make an impression somewhere along the lines and he got himself into a picture that made it onto a billboard here in town. Nothing like a 14 foot baby!


We had to sign releases and such to allow them to do it. We didn’t get paid at all, which is fine. It’ll be a great story for him later on when he’s a little older.

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