How do I change an URL in Technorati?

I’ve tried. It doesn’t seem easily possible. All I want to do is change or add a URL to a claimed blog. Both URLs point to the exact same place. It’s just a simple redirect. Why can’t I add a URL or change a URL?

Here’s why I need to do this. My blogs A Penny Saved and eBay Habit were both running off of a subdomain here at I recently purchased and set up individual domains for both. Because I had been running A Penny Saved for over a year, I understandably had quite a few links to the subdomain address.

The only way I could find to change the URL in Technorati is to remove the old blog with the old URL and then add the new URL back as a new blog. Of course the problem then becomes that my link counts are off because the old links are still valid and still point to the right place, but I just can’t combine the two URLs into one blog.

I’m sure it’s a bit of a programming headache for Dave Sifry and crew, but I also can’t imagine that it would be that hard of an implementation. A couple of lines of code to enter a second or third URL into the database for the blog. A couple more lines in the link count code to add a loop for each URL in the database for a blog.

Of course, there are timing and resource issues anytime you add code, but frankly, Technorati runs pretty slow anyways so what’s an extra couple of seconds? It certainly would make things easier on the blogmasters. Maybe next time Stowe Boyd moves URLs, he won’t have to keep such close track of how fast he builds his links back up. 😉

P.S. It is possible that I missed something somewhere that would have allowed for me to do what I want to. This is mostly just a rant. If I did miss something, please let me know in the comments as I’d love to use the functionality if it already exists.

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  1. I have the same problem.

    My blog was at:
    I moved it to:

    now Technorati doesn’t recognize it, and I have to put it as a new blog.

  2. Nope I think you’re stuck like myself who had a healthy 176 authority and now its 4!


  3. No it’s not possible. I checked through their FAQ. At most you can inform them that the old domain no longer exists and they’ll remove it from the index. Remove your claim on it etc. But your authority won’t be moved to the new domain which is annoying when you still get people linking to your old domain!

    Still, that’s life eh.