New Orleans bound

I found out a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting on some confirmation as to hotels and such before saying anything about it, but I’m headed to New Orleans the second week of May. From the looks of it, I’ll be staying a few blocks from Bourbon St. and about a mile from the Superdome.

So… Are there any must see sort of things in that area? I’m guessing the House of Blues is one. Maybe Ripley’s. Doubt I’ll hit the Superdome at all. I’ve never been to the area, so if you’ve got a great place to see, let me know. I should have a little bit of time that first weekend and on the evenings through the week.

Now, next question. I’m a little excited about the cuisine down there and can’t wait to test out a few things. Any meals that just gotta be tried?

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  1. Best (and possibly worst) advice when traveling to new places… avoid anywhere you know. Most of the time you will then be able experience the local food. Sometimes ya get something not so tasty, but hey thats what your there to learn.

  2. Never been there, so I can’t recommend anything, but take pictures. I’m curious what you find down there.