Pagerank Update underway

It would seem that whilst I was in a cave this weekend, Google decided to start a pagerank update. While not all the Data Centers seem to be updated just yet, it’s clear that a few are already. If you don’t know what PageRank is, don’t be to ashamed, I didn’t know once. Basically, it’s a measure of the popularity of a site address according to a Google algorithm. The measure is out of 10, so a 0/10 is the worst and a 10/10 is the best. I should mention that all sites begin at 0 so it can sometimes mean that the site is new.

On a personal site note, this site seems to be staying at PR5 while the new addresses for A Penny Saved and eBay Habit are moving up to PR2 and PR3 respectively. I find that interesting as the address has about 2-3 times more incoming links than the address. So, I can guess that traffic must make a bit of a difference there as well as ebay habit makes about 1.3 times the traffic.

Did your site get updated or downgraded?

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  1. When a PR update happens, it doesn’t happen all at once – Google has many ‘datacenters’, and your new PR will ‘percolate’ between those datacentres over the next few days to a week.

  2. I agree but not only that – what is called an update is basically “old” data being released by google on a certain date of their choice.

    At the time of an “update” your actual pagerank is already changed again (for some) and what you see in the toolbar (if you are still one of those using it) is what usually is called the Pagerank update. Sadly too many webbies concentrate on the little green bar instead of produing interesting sites and good content.