To heck with Apple, I want a Zune!

I can’t really afford to buy either one of them myself, but I just might be able to win one with this fun little entry into John Chow’s latest “Evil Blog Contest.” John runs the blog at where he takes us all along in his journey to make money on the internet. He’s done a pretty good job of it too. I believe the last total was over $3000 in one month. I can barely scrape out a tenth of that. Maybe I should read a little closer.

Anyways. Back to the contest. John is giving away a Microsoft Zune in his latest Evil Blog Contest. And I want one! I’ve seen a few iPods, and they are certainly nice and flashy, but for whatever reason, I like the Zune better. Something about not being a Applehead and not buying into the hype.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi, I saw that you entered John Chow’s contest for a Zune.
    Would you be interested in winning a free DS Lite?


  1. […] Chow gave away the Zune that I was supposed to get to someone else. MSDanielle to be specific. What’s worse, she didn’t even open the […]