AgLoco finally launching?

I’ve been a member of AgLoco for a while now, and as yet, haven’t seen the viewbar that is the supposed method of adding hours to be paid for.

According to John Chow, he’s been testing the beta of the viewbar. At least that means it actually exists. Maybe they’ll be rolling it out full scale soon. You have to admire their patience in releasing it as I’m sure there are those that are waiting to sign up for the viewbar to be released.

The beauty of it is that the more people you sign up, the better your earnings. At the moment, I have 4 people signed up underneath me. John Chow has over 15,000! If you haven’t signed up and are thinking about it, do so. But please add to my total and use my affiliate link. I’ve included it in this post for your convenience.

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  1. Hey – you are back! How was Newaawwlins? (I’m going to check your “affiliate link” tomorrow.)