BizTech: Cutting edge IT Mag?

I have to admit that when I saw that a review had been purchased through the ReviewMe service for the BizTech website, I expected something completely different from what I saw. A majority of the reviews that I’ve been paid to do are somewhat spammy. Or rather, they hold little true value.

Suffice it to say that I was slightly surprised by BizTech. BizTech is a small business technology magazine that seems to be similar to magazines like eweek and informationweek and is owned and ran by technology vendor CDW. Like those other magazines, it is available in print form and shortly thereafter on the online side at their site.

It seems that just about anyone can put together a technology magazine these days (and most do) so what makes BizTech unique? Unfortunately for BizTech, there is very little that I could find that made it unique from other technology magazines. Don’t count that against it though, I don’t think The New York Times is all that unique either.

What BizTech does have going for it is some pretty good writers. They’ve got a good mix of actual IT pros and IT journalists that make the articles realistic and informative. Take for instance this article on blogging. It’s a comprehensive ( as much as you can in a magazine article anyways) article that takes from Robert Scoble and some other top tech bloggers and then adds some real world data and some great tips too. There are numerous other articles on topics that are on the forefront of just about every small business IT manager.

Overall, I can’t give them much points for their website design as it looks a lot like a host of other online magazine sites. But really, should we expect any different? What I can give them points on is some great coverage of the topics that IT managers want as well as making it easy to get a hold of with easy RSS subscriptions from a centralized page. Of course, you can also subscribe to the print version which would seem to be free to qualified IT professionals.

I’m glad that the folks at CDW and BizTech bought a review from me through the ReviewMe service. Why? Because I get paid for it, and it introduced me to a worthwhile website that is adding valuable content to the internet.

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  1. I’m glad you wrote this review too. I checked it out the site on a whim and ended up reading it for 1/2 an hour. The writing is definitely first-rate.

  2. Thanks Paul. I’m glad someone else found the site valuable too. It validates my claim that I try and keep the paid reviews honest.