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Maybe you’re trying to reorganize your office desk. Maybe you’re trying to organize a new server room in your basement (I’m not the only one who wants one of those am I?). Whatever it may be, you’ll likely find what you need among the Thousands of products at! In fact, you might find a few things that you didn’t know existed. I know I did.

There are plenty of other things that should come in super handy if you’re organizing a new or old workspace. Take the Altinex Tabletop Outlet. It’s a nice little unit that clamps onto the edge of your desk and gives you full customization ability to add outlets for whatever you choose, be it network, power, audio/video or just about whatever you want.

By far, my favorite page on the site is the Racks and Enclosures page. Why you ask? Because I seriously want one of their computer desks in my basement. What better way to start up a new office space than with one of the desks. The 48″ model would fit quite nicely against one of the walls down there.

22 piece tool kitIf you’re looking for a great affordable tool set, you can’t beat the 22 piece Computer Tech Deluxe Tool Kit. It’s got the basics that you’ll need and is a fairly portable kit. Of course, it doesn’t have everything. It’s only 22 pieces so there are some obvious things missing. There are only the most common of everything. For instance, you only get T10 and T15 star bits. The most common, but not necessarily all the ones you will need. Another thing that I noticed is that the included soldering iron doesn’t look like it’s of the highest quality. By that I mean it looked cheap. I have only the slightest idea how to solder, so I didn’t test it, but it just doesn’t look like it would hold up to much use. Overall though, it would make a great travel kit for those trips when you really just can’t bear to take your full kit along with you.

PowerSquid 5 outlet power multiplierI also had the opportunity to test out a couple of power cord management power strips. The first of which was the legendary Power Squid. I’ve got to tell you that I have thought that this is the most ingenious thing for quite some time. So, it didn’t take a whole lot of time for me to decide that this is one of the coolest things for a home office. Heck, it’d work pretty darn well in a big corporate office too. It’s got a 4 foot cord that branches off from the “squid” into five grounded socket outlets. It’s got slots on the back for wall mounting (which looks pretty darn cool btw.) and the “tentacles” get shorter as they progress towards the outside of the “squid”. Not only does it allow for just about any configuration of those messy big electrical boxes, it also helps with the varying lengths of it’s “tentacles.”

SmartSockets tabletop surge suppressorThe other Power strip that I got to test out was the SmartSockets Tabletop surge suppressor by Kensington. I honestly couldn’t find a good usage for this in my house. It’s design is so pinpointed to being used in a roundtable like format that it makes a bit of a rats nest if it isn’t used for that purpose. That being said, this would be an excellent strip for anyone with a table where you would need power on two sides or in a 360 degree configuration. The design of the strip would allow for great access for impromptu meetings and study groups with laptops. As a tool for that purpose, I think it’s great. I just couldn’t find a good application for it in my household without making a bit of a rats nest out of the cables. I think I’ll stick to the PowerSquid. 😉

I was supplied with the Tool set, Power Squid, and Smart Sockets to review. That qualifies this post as a paid post and as always, I tried to keep it honest and sincere regardless of the fact that I was paid to do it. I really do want one of the 48″ Computer Benches, and the power squid really is the bomb!

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