Does your blog suck?

Stu at PimpMyPageRank posted a nice list of 11 reasons your blog may suck. It’s a well thought out list that has just about every item that really can make a blog stink. While one or two of them may not banish your blog, 4 or more might be pretty rough.

After taking a look at the list, I only fail at one of them. I’m guilty of number 3 on the list. I don’t have a “recent comments” list anywhere on this blog. Nope. Nowhere. I’ve kind of done that on purpose. Partly because I don’t get that many comments here so it wouldn’t refresh very often. Maybe if I added one, I would get more comments? That might be something to test with. We’ll see.

Anyone have any insight into this? Did you see a raise in comments with the addition of a “recent comments” list?

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  1. Thanks for the link! 🙂

    I’m finding that there are three main factors which are important in the increase in comments I’m getting at my blog at the moment:

    1) Post something controversial – but watch out for the possible backlash

    2) Ask questions – I’m the first to admit I know buggerall about the stuff I write about, so ask others what they think

    3)Answer EVERY comment. I’m finding that this brings people back to see how you’ve responded to their comments. I’ve been shite at this in the past, I’m getting getter but still miss some. I think that this is the most important of the three

  2. I’ve posted controversial stuff before, but I’ve got some fairly thin skin when it comes to the backlash and can get a little snarky so I’ve laid off that for the most part. And I’m horrible at responding to comments, but with as few as I get, it’s usually pretty easy to get better. 😉