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Thatedeguy of Springfield

This is pretty fun to play around with. Not the best likeness of me ever, but good for giggles.


Make your own! Just click on the Make Avatar bit on the top and it should load up a flash interface to do your bidding.

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Lomo Tractor

Shot from the same place as the previous one, but a different tractor and obviously, a different post-processing setup.


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Scars of a Farming Life


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I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and finally decided to do it. I’ve sold my blog, A Penny Saved. I haven’t been posting much to it and it’s been suffering in traffic and earnings because of it. Now that it’s in good hands, it should flourish like I know it can. I’m not going to disclose the full value that I received from it, but suffice it to say that I got more than $100 and less than $1000 from it.

Overall, it was a pretty good deal. The site has was profitable in it’s first month back in January of 2007 and has increased revenue in all but the last few months. I’m far from losing money here. I’m considering doing the same with eBay habit as my posting has dropped off there as well with the coming of summer. We’ll see.

Moral of the story is that if you have a niche blog and you work with it pretty hard, you can make money off of it. Unless you get really lucky, it’s not going to be retirement money, but you’ll still make money.

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