I prefer not to answer

I like making money. I’m working on making as much as I can from my online ventures. One way that I have/do use(d) is online surveys. I’ve tried a few of the different places and they all are about the same.

One thing I’ve begun to notice when I’m filling out those surveys is that they always ask what race I am. Why does that matter? If I don’t answer properly do I have to take the “colored” survey? (I’m white, so if that last sentence is insensitive, I apologize.) At first, I would always be a good little survey taker and answer “White/Caucasian.” Now? Not so much. I don’t like the idea of my race being a factor in the results of my survey.

I prefer not to answer. Nearly all of the surveys have the option to not answer. I click it. If some pr exec in NY wants to make money off of my survey I’m ok with it. If he/she wants to sell it for more because I’m this race or that race and I’m not ok with it.

What about you? Do you answer those questions? Will you now? I prefer not to answer…

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