New Orleans pictures are up

superdomeI finally managed to get all my New Orleans pictures up. It required me to get a pro account at Flickr (twisted arm hurts too. ;)) but they are all there. None of them have been processed just yet, but I think I’ll try and do a few of them here and there. Try and tweak them up a little to pretty them up and make them a little better.

The one I’ve got embedded here is of the Superdome through the window of the rental van we had while we drove by it. It actually turned out pretty well for the situation. You can see that there is quite a bit of movement in the foreground, but it focused really well on the Superdome itself. I’d like to do a little cropping to this to center it properly and also play around with it a little to get the roof of the dome to show a little better. Maybe a little extra contrast or something there?

I don’t have any comments on any of my photos on flickr so feel free to browse about and leave me a couple.

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  1. Flickr – I LOVE Flickr. I’ve been a Pro for quite a while now – in fact, I think I’ll have to pay again this fall to continue using as a Pro. (That sounded bad – but I think you know what I meant.)

    I’ll check out your pictures soon – I’m sure they are great!