Why the iPhone will succeed

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis will know that I’m no Apple fan. And in truth, I am not. I’m amazed by the cult-like following that the iPod has and can’t see why anyone would pay over $120 for a share of Apple. Further, I really can’t see myself ever wanting an iPhone. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

Fortunately for all you Apple fans out there, I probably won’t make or break the iPhone. In fact, I don’t think the iPhone can be broken. It is the veritable Superman of cell phones. Twenty years from now you’ll all be clamoring to pick up one of the damn things as a collectible (yet usable) cell phone for your collection. They’ll still get 500+ hours of standby and a couple of hours of talk time. They’ll still be as shiny as the day they were born.

All sarcasm aside, the iPhone has the makings of the major technology hit of the year and possibly the decade. Steve Jobs and CO have managed to bring innovation to the cell phone market much like they did to the personal music player. It’s got innovation oozing out of it’s headphone port it’s got so much innovation. Well, that and it has the power of darn near every one of the current iPod owners wanting one.

It’s got an innovative keyless GUI that should work. Some will miss the keypad, but most who buy it will adapt rather easily. Of course, it wouldn’t be a innovative GUI without having some pretty good resolution and color. And if you’re represented by a “cool dude” that makes a mock turtle-neck look good, you can’t help but get some extra karma points.

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  1. Yea, apple fanboys tend to annoy me as well. Though I must say, I used to find the ipod sheep thing funny and didn’t get the cult like following of it. I don’t know if I do yet, however, I actually own an ipod now myself.

    Though, for me, it was actually a lot more practical than a lot of the apple fanboys I see. As you know I travel a lot, quite a lot in fact. So in order to be able to listen to music, watch TV episodes, etc and still have battery power for my laptop when getting to a new town, I went mp3 player shopping. The ipod is really hands down the best player on the market. (Especially the video version.)

    What that will mean for the iphone, I am not really sure. Honestly, I could care less about watching utube videos or other media files on my phone. However, if alltel (yep I am a customer of them as well and have had pretty decent national coverage) made it available, I would consider getting one. Not because I think apple is the greatest thing since the personal computer, but because of the truly new functionality being introduced with it. For the business person who uses their cell phone as their primary (or only) phone line, the conference calling function would be awesome to have.

    Anywho – I really think we will see some of that stuff hitting other phone models eventually.