Bleeding Readers

So I go away for the weekend to come home and find that I’m bleeding readers.  At least according to Feedburner I am.  Is there something broken with Feedreader?  Google buys them and all of a sudden they don’t work well with reader anymore?  That would be ironic wouldn’t it.

Seriously.  If you are a reader that has stopped reading or is considering it, please let me know why.  I’d like to improve here and really can’t without some proper feedback.  By proper I mean constructive criticism.  Not “you suck.”

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  1. Thatedeguy says

    Maybe this is related to the damn bloglines bloat today? Couple of hundred extra posts from several months ago from sites I read every day…

  2. You might be getting some backlash from those contentlink hoverover ads in your editorial. I know quite a few people who despise those ads (myself included). I prefer to use RSS to filter and then read most posts on the websites and I find those links interfere with the reading experience.

  3. I’m not so sure that I like the contentlink ads either. The payout is pretty poor so far and they do seem to get in the way a little. Might work good for a few other sites, but they just don’t seem to fit in some places.

  4. Man, it even does it to the comments, I *really* dislike that. I’m not promoting anything in the comment above and yet it makes it look like I am.

    At least there should be a way to turn it off in the comments rather than give the impression that commenters are linking stuff they aren’t.

  5. The recaptcha box seems corrupted below … as if the image is being crunched width-wise by the template design. Still readable, sort of.