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If you haven’t noticed by now, there are some new colored links spread out through the content of the site. Those fancy Orange(color may change as themes change) links are courtesy of Kontera. Basically, it’s a context link service that parses the text of the content and then takes certain words and links them up with a pop-up and a advertiser.

At the moment, I’ve only been running them for about 24 hours and so want to reserve any judgment on the service until much later. So far, they seem fairly non-intrusive and don’t ugly up the page too darn much. They normally don’t take sites with less than 500k hits, but I talked them into an exception for me. 😉

I’ll try and update in a few weeks with some solid numbers on eCpm and earnings and such. Until then, I’d like to hear any experiences (good and bad) with Kontera or similar services and also what your general feeling is about them here. Do you hate them? Did you even notice them?

Also, use the contact form if you are interested in using Kontera’s links. Like I said, they don’t usually accept sites at less than 500k hits, but I can certainly try and get you in contact with the rep that I talked to and maybe something can be worked out.

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  1. Hey

    This is David, from Kontera.

    Good luck on your new Kontera Publisher account.

    If you have any questions that I can help with please feel free to email me at davids@kontera.com


    David Stein
    Kontera Community Manager
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