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Thanks TDavid!

If you haven’t noticed, my comments have been a little fritzy lately.  I’ve been playing with a couple of thing since I became frustrated with Akismet.  TDavid was nice enough to give me the info on the captcha software that he uses and even offered to allow me the use of a modification that he made.

Unfortunately, there’s something buggy with my template and the mod just doesn’t seem to work at all.  It’s not the mod, because it works on TDavid’s website, but merely something with the template here.  So, if you were unable to make a comment this afternoon and evening, it was because if my toying with it.  If you didn’t even try to make a comment, shame on you. 😉

I’ve turned off the captcha for the moment, but will probably turn it back on tomorrow without TDavid’s mod.  What that means is that you will have to do the captcha everytime you leave a comment.  I’m sorry that I have to make you do that, but it’s either that or try and filter through 300+ spam comments a day.  I don’t want to do that because it takes away time I could be writing great content for you.

I do want to take the time to throw a great big thank you to TDavid who took extra time out of his busy schedule to help me test and trouble shoot for a little while this afternoon.  It was above and beyond what most people would have done and for that he deserves my thanks.  It was very gracious of him!  Thanks TDavid!

If you want to check out TDavid’s wordpress scripts, head on over to and take a look at the ones he’s publicly released.

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Bleeding Readers

So I go away for the weekend to come home and find that I’m bleeding readers.  At least according to Feedburner I am.  Is there something broken with Feedreader?  Google buys them and all of a sudden they don’t work well with reader anymore?  That would be ironic wouldn’t it.

Seriously.  If you are a reader that has stopped reading or is considering it, please let me know why.  I’d like to improve here and really can’t without some proper feedback.  By proper I mean constructive criticism.  Not “you suck.”

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There’s something rotten in the state of Akismet

I’ve had the absolute worst time with Akismet lately.  So much in fact that I am researching a few ways to replace it.  Akismet does do a pretty good job of weeding out the spam and it does learn fairly quickly when you mark something as spam.  The problem is in the false positives.  If you ask me, any false positives are too many.  I know that that’s a perfect scenerio and not really possible, but if a false positive pops up and I de-mark it as spam, then the next time someone comments, they shouldn’t get marked as spam.

Let me show you my latest example. (and the one that has prompted my looking for a new spam solution.)  P.S. You’ll have to click on the thumbnail to see the full image.

TDavid approved comments

As you can see, there are two comments from TDavid.  The first is the one that I had to manually approve today.  The second from him is one that I approved earlier this week.  There are at least two others further down the list from a month or so ago.

TDavid Spam comment

As you can see, it hit the spam comments.  WTF?  I wouldn’t expect a new comment to hit the spam folder, but from a person who already had one approved?  That’s about as buggy as you can get.

Anyone have a good explanation for why they keep ending up in the spam list?

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Techcrunch buys InviteShare

I suppose that I’ve got to admit that TDavid was right about InviteShare being a pump and dump proposal.  In truth, I really didn’t expect them to sell it yet.  Didn’t seem like a very bright idea.  Since I wrote about it, they’ve managed over 14k members.  TechCrunch announced that they had bought it today.

Of course, one has to wonder if the site would have sold at all if TechCrunch hadn’t bought it.   And even Mike admits that the price would have been lower if he hadn’t written about it.  What was the price?  Well the auction at sitepoint says it sold for $25,000.  Nice little sum for a site that is only a week old.   Not that TechCrunch doesn’t have that in the coffers.

I don’t think that Mike will let the site down.  He’s already admitted that he was working on something similar before InviteShare came about but abandoned it when InviteShare was launched.  I’m sure that played into the purchase as well.  I think that any privacy concerns are also out the window as Mike would have a lot to lose if he were to violate any of the users privacy.

Overall, I think the site is in pretty good hands.  I don’t care much for Mike, but he’s a shrewd business man and has plenty of resources to keep the site steaming ahead.

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