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I’m still a pretty big fan of Text-Link-Ads and they immense marketplace of both publishers and advertisers, but one thing I don’t like is that they take 50% of the money that you earn. Let me tell you how much effort goes into the day to day maintenance of the site. None. Now, Patrick and crew will argue that there is a lot of activity behind the scenes and I’m sure there is. I just don’t see it as being worth 50% of the links I sell. That said, I’m not going to stop using their service any time soon.

There is a new service on the market that I’ll be keeping an eye on. is a marketplace where you list your links for sale, sell your links, and you keep 100% of the money. There is only a $2/listing fee. I like that. I don’t see the $2/listing making the site a huge profit machine anytime soon and would imagine that at some point, a tiered system may be on the way. Which would be fine.

After perusing the listings, there are only a little under 40 listings available right now. Not exactly a bustling marketplace yet. But it does seem to be growing. To push that along, the admins are giving away listings for the month of July. Not that that was a deciding factor, but I think I’ll be listing a few text links there to give it a try. This is one service that I would like to see blossom.

P.S. if you want a link here on Thatedeguy, that’s your cue to head on over to and pick one up for less than you’ll get it at TLA for. (I can do that because I don’t have to share 50% of it with someone else)

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  1. I agree 50% is a lot. But TLA have many more advertisers so it’s easier to find deals. No point keeping 100% if you can’t find an advertiser.

  2. Thatedeguy says

    I completely agree Paul. But only by starting to use services like these will they grow. I’m still using TLA and most likely will for quite some time, but I’ll start listing on PrivateLinkSales so that the marketplace there looks fuller and may become more attractive to advertisers.

  3. There are other channels to sell text ads through. I’m very familiar with one that pays 70% of ad revenue, but I won’t say who they are here. 😉

  4. Hi there, Thatedeguy. Thanks for the pimpage! I greatly appreciate it and am glad that you find the site useful.

    Hang tight for some cool new features in the next few weeks.


  5. Thatedeguy says

    lol. Thanks for stopping by Matt. For those that don’t know, Matt is on staff at They are another good service for selling text links. They have a much fuller package for publishers as they have text links and intext ads as well. I use them a little here, but haven’t had as much luck with them as I have with TLA.