Who’s hosting that site?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what company someone is using to host their website with, you can stop wondering now. You can use the site whoishostingthis to find out. It’s pretty simple really. Type in the domain and off it goes to find the answers for you. Digg.com? Hosted by Digg Inc. Not really a surprise. CBS.com? Akamai. Interesting.

Whoishostingthis is a great tool for investigating hosts. Or being really nosy. Either way really. Good for research into your favorite sites hosts and for finding out what host a similar site is using.

Thanks to ProNetAdvertising for the pointer.

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  1. I agree, cool tool.

  2. thanks for that mate! 🙂 i’ve been searching for ages for a good, inexpensive adult host and now i know my main competitors hosting company!! 🙂