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The folks behind WordPress and Weblog Tools Collection announced the launch of the beta of WordPress Jobs.  It’s a handy dandy little job board with jobs that are specifically related/dealing with the WordPress platform.  It’s a pretty good idea, but I wonder if it’s specificity won’t deal it a deadly strike.

With places like Problogger, Lifehacker, and TechCrunch already having job boards for bloggers and the web 2.0 set, will there be enough job listings to go around?  Or maybe a better question is, will the listers list on all of the above repeatedly?

The site design is nice and clean and makes for very easy navigation.  They have feeds for each of the categories which should make it really easy for filtering out the jobs you wouldn’t be interested in.  The listings themselves are also very clean and get right to the point.  There aren’t a lot of distracting graphics and the text is uber readable.  The one thing I noticed that would certainly annoy me as a job seeker is that there is no good way to contact the job lister.  There is a How to Apply section, but all the listings I looked at merely said “email” or “email or phone” with no listing of what the email or phone numbers were.  Apparently, you must be telepathic to apply for some of the jobs.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this site.  It has potential for being a good source for freelance work as well as a good place to list if I ever were to decide to hire someone.

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  1. Hi, I’m reading via the Bumpzee No Nofollow | I Follow | DoFollow Community RSS feed. 🙂

    You’re already seeing quite a few jobs crossposted both at problogger and at bloggerjobs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some jobs got crossposted over to this site as well. However, since it is focused on WP, there’s a good chance that there will be more jobs available.

    Only time will tell…