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Prosper Extends Referral Program

Prosper, the P2P lending site, has extended their referral program to now end at the end of the year.  It was originally scheduled to end September 1, but it obviously did very well.  I managed to squeak out a fair response for the program and really can’t find too much to say about it that’s poor.

The payouts are actually pretty generous as well.  For each referral, you can get one of two referral fees.  If the referral becomes a lender, you get a flat $25.  If the referral becomes a borrower, you get 0.5% of their first loan.  Of course, they have to become a lender or borrower within a set amount of time.  They have to sign up within the 30 day life of the cookie and then must become a lender or borrower within 90 days.

I’ve managed a fairly good response so far this year on this program.  What’s even better is that I’ve lent out the money I’ve made with them for an average rate of 22%.  It’s a little risky, but I figure it’s worth it to see my money grow at that kind of rate.  You’ve just got to be careful when picking the loans to fund.

If you think you’re site visitors will be even slightly interested in Prosper, I suggest giving it a try.

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Win 4 Hour Work Week from Cash for Comments

Ok, so here’s the lowdown. I got tagged by Susan of the Online Journal. You can win a copy of the book 4 hour work week and a mention in the upcoming “Blogging: The Movie.”

The 4-Hour work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New RichHere’s how it’s going down. You create a post like this one on your site, and then email the Cash for Comments folks. (That email addy is below) Then copy the Code between the **Copy** tags. Pretty simple really. They’ll be picking 10 winners (one down already) and the deadline for the next winner is 9/17/2007. Oh, and you have to create a few links. Two to Cash for Comments with the anchor text “Internet Marketing” and “Get Paid!” A third link to the person that tagged you. And a fourth link to with the anchor text of “blogging”.

If you win, there are a few things you have to do. First, you’ll get a copy of the 4 Hour Work Week for yourself. You’ll also get one to sign. You sign it and then send it back. That signed book and your blog get a mention/showing in the movie. Pretty cool I guess.

Of course, the text says that you can nominate 3 people to the list, but I say “do as many as you want.” And I will.

***** start copy here *****


1. Win the 4-hour work week book copy for yourself.
2. Sign the Contest Jet Train Winner List on the another 4-Hour Work Week Book for the records. Then send this copy back to me to link up the photo of the book. You’re name will be forever part of this book and part of Blogging the Movie.
3. Be on the Contest Winners List, this list will be so popular because the contest will reset 10 times.
4. A short mention about your blog in movie, “Blogging the Movie” – a featured documentary about 10 bloggers all over the world. This contest will be mentioned however they are currently casting for bloggers.


1. Write a short blurb on at the beginning of blog using the following links:

  • Link to using “get paid” and “internet marketing” to
  • Link to using the anchor text “blogging“.
  • Link to using the anchor text “Monetize your blog“
  • No Duplicate Content or Forum Submissions will be counted as an entry.

2. Next, copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your own blog. If you’d like a different keyword for your blog then change it, when you do your post, and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword, provided the train keeps on spreading.

3. Add at least three new favorite blogs of yours to keep the contest jet train going. Make sure you contact the bloggers and insist they participate so they can keep this going.

4. Contact Cash for Comments dot com by sending an email, letting them know you have entered.

Deadline for the second winner is 09/19/07.

Disclaimer: If you win and do not properly sign the book correctly and send it back you will be removed from the winners list and not be mentioned in the movie. We will be happy find a replacement for your spot on the infamous winners list.

Contest Jet Train Winners

Susan Suarez | You? | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth | Ninth | Tenth
(only 10 will win, then be mentioned in movie – Blogging the Movie)


Blogging the Movie | Cash for Comment | Susan Suarez | Gregg Hawkins | Shaun Low | BlueJar | Why Go Elsewhere | ePursuit | Things By Mike | Random Jabber | Bloggrrl | The So Called Me | Monetize Your Blog | DayJobNuker | Preblogging | Cybersurge | Z0Money | 45n5 | Webfeed Central | AIS by Sarah | Building My Empire | DevDad | Add your 3 blogs here

This Contest Jet Train is the innovation of the Sneaky Bastard at Cash for Comments dot com.

***** end copy here *****

That’s it.  Create your post now!  Oh, and don’t forget to email or contact the people that you tag in some way so that they know they should try and participate.

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Northwood Tornado

We had a pretty good storm come rolling through this weekend and a Tornado tore through a little town called Northwood.  The tornado killed one and injured 18.  Northwood is a little town to the North-East of us here in Jamestown and very near to the city of Grand Forks, ND.

It sometimes seems like everybody knows everybody up here in the north.  That’s a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view.  In any case, someone got ahold of some of the pictures (Northwood Tornado Pictures 8/26/2007) and posted them online.

The Governor is trying to get it declared a disaster by the President, and it’s already been done so on the state level.  (Jamestown Sun Article – login may be required)

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Increase Rankings with SearchStatus Firefox Plugin

If you own/run/webmaster a website, SearchStatus should really be on your list of must have tools for Firefox. Where else can you see your Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking, and Compete Rankings in one easy to read interface? I don’t know of any other tools that do the same from within your browser. What’s better than that? Your browsing contributes to the Alexa and Compete rankings. More recorded traffic for both means higher rankings. And higher rankings can lead to more money in your pocket. Do you need any more convincing to get going with SearchStatus?


Well, first you’ve got to be using FireFox. It’s Mozilla’s browser that has been gaining ground on Microsoft IE for a while now. I use it almost exclusively and rarely have any problems with it. Much less than I’ve had with IE in any case.

After that, getting and using SearchStatus is fairly easy to do. Take your Firefox browsing over to the SearchStatus homepage and click on the nice big button that they have for you that says “Download SearchStatus.” Then click on your browser (Firefox or Mozilla). You may get a blocked message (pesky yellow bar) at the top of your screen, if so click on it and approve the site for install and then click your browser again. You should get a popup that asks if you want to install the SearchStatus software. Click Install and you’re off. You’ll have to restart Firefox for it to be completely installed and then you’re ready to set it up and discover the wonders of this supertool!

It’s installed, here’s what’s next.

Once you’ve got it installed, you’ll want to turn a few things on. If you’ll notice, there is a little q with a circle that looks a little like a @ symbol. That’s the menu, just right click it to bring up all the options. The first ones you’ll want to fiddle with are the enable options. If you highlight the enable option, you’ll see a menu of three things. Pagerank, Alexa, and Compete. The pagerank is just for show and won’t affect your pagerank in any way, but the other two report to their respective companies and you’ll want to make sure that they are reporting. That’s how we’ll be increasing our rank.

One of the other things that you’ll want to check out is the Highlight Nofollow option. It gives all the rel=nofollow links a nice pinkish background so you can see what links are and aren’t being followed. It’s pretty surprising sometimes what you’ll find.

There are a bunch more fun and useful tools that come with this plugin, but I’ll let you discover them and give them a test run.

Before you make a comment below, I really should mention that your browsing history alone isn’t going to make any big spikes in your rankings. But every little bit helps and if you get your friends and readers to use the plugin also, you can make a difference. As you’re rankings grow, the amount of money that advertisers pay and your traffic should both grow!

I also should mention that I am not affiliated with quirk or the SearchStatus plugin in any way. I just like the tool a lot!

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