A Study in Unintended Results

Sometimes something happens that you completely did not expect to happen.  It happens without any forewarning.  Such a thing has been happening here today.

About a week and a half ago, I wrote a very quick post about the Hillary Clinton NutCracker.  It was meant as a quick link post more than anything.  There was no immediate reaction by anyone (unless they unsubscribed on the spot) and my stats did no fluctuate at all.

Today however, is a different story.  All of a sudden, that post, albeit short is getting more traffic than any other page on this site except for the index.  Why?  Well, as I’ve done a little research, I think I can tell you why.  Are you ready…  I rank rather well for the term “Hillary NutCracker” (and only slightly worse if you add her surname)  on several search engines (click on them to see larger).

Hillary nutcracker google Hillary Clinton Nutcracker Yahoo

What does that mean?  Well, here’s a snapshot of my stats. Hillary Nutcracker stats

Pretty nice.  And some SEO folks would be quick to point out that this post might not hurt those rankings either.  I should note that those stats are from statcounter which only shows the last 500 hits.

I wasn’t really surprised to find that Google was sending the most traffic as I am essentially #4 on the list for the term, but a #6 at Yahoo isn’t all bad either.  I was surprised to see that I don’t show at all in the first several pages on the MSN search.  I wonder if that means they are better or worse?

What I do think it means is that Google and Yahoo seem to take authority a little too seriously.  The post in question was short, lacked any good keyword distribution because of it, and was’nt really all that serious of a post.  It shouldn’t, in reality, rank well for the term at all.  But, because this site is a PR5 site with a little bit more than a smattering of links, it ranks higher.  Now the interesting thing would be to see if someone like John Chow were to link to it, how much higher they would be than me.  Of course, the higher sites on the SERPs are the actual nutcracker website and an Amazon site so getting higher than those might be a challenge unless some real seo was done.  Probably not possible with just a link post.  Higher than me, yes.  But most likely only by one spot.

Anyone else have similar posts with good rankings?  What’s your funniest one? The one that you really have no right ranking for.  You know the one.  It’s the post on your cooking blog that ranks #1 for something like “Space Elevators.”  Share them in the comments.

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  1. It might be helpful to know that GoStats has much better limits on your visitor details. (See all historical data, not just the last 500)

  2. why not just use Google Analytics?

  3. Thatedeguy says

    I’ve tried Analytics and found that it had an abundance of information. So much so that I found myself a little confused and found it hard to find exactly what I wanted. Because this is more of a hobby blog, I didn’t need the full analytics and mostly just want the referrers and the visitor count.