Do you use Cash Crate?

I was perusing some of the other blogs that publish their earnings for the month and came across Amy’s blog at My Debt Free Goal. In the month of July, she made just a little over $3,000. Amazing!

While looking at her earnings, I noticed that she made very nearly 50% of those earnings at a site called Cash Crate. Naturally, my curiosity was peaked and I went and joined up. After giving it the once over, I’ve noticed that it’s yet another website that pays you to sign up for stuff. For instance, they’ll pay you $45.00 for signing up for a trial to Vonage. Not bad.

I personally have never been much for these kinds of sites. I don’t like having to keep track of when I signed up for something and making sure that I get unsubscribed or cancelled before the trial is up so that I don’t get charged. It seems like a lot of work that I don’t want to do for not quite enough money. There is some money to be made for a daily survey. $0.80 to be exact. Not bad if you do each one every day. About $24 a month. Better than what some of the programs pay right now.

I think I’ll be participating so far as doing the daily survey. It’s a pretty easy $0.80 and certainly will add up over the course of a month. I might even try a few of the other payouts and see if any of them are worth while. If you’re in to using these kinds of sites, there is obviously a lot of money to be made and maybe you should look into it.

Does anyone else use Cash Crate? With any success?

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  1. ive always been skeptical about those kinds of surveys… but ive always wanted to try them. how long do the surveys usually take for each one? and do how do they pay you?

  2. Yep, I have just started trying out CashCrate myself and I like what I’ve seen so far. The payouts are good and the daily survey is a nice bonus. Mostly I have made money in the past through paid surveys so that is a no brainer. I even started a free site to help others because I was tired of seeing all those “pay $39 for membership” sites. My site is Paid Survey Success and it is completely free, you don’t even need to register. I can’t believe that Amy made so much with CashCrate, those numbers are amazing! Makes me want to go back right now and start doing more offers (yeah I am that competitive).

  3. I signed up via your affiliate link.. let’s see if this is any good 😉

  4. Thatedeguy says

    Chris: I appreciate it. thanks!

    I’ve been playing with the site a little over the weekend, and I’ve deduced that the only way possible to make any large amounts of money(ie 1500) is through affiliate work. I just don’t see how it’s possible to earn that with just the programs and such that they have.

    Oh, and I’ve tried for two days to get paid for a survey and have yet to qualify for one. Not exactly a good sign in my book.

  5. I’ve toyed around with sites like these, but really the real money to be made from these sites is through their affiliate/referral links.

  6. I’ve made some money with CashCrate and it’s a great way to get started for free. Getting referrals is the way to go though.

  7. I tried Paid Surveys as a way to make money online but it seems that Adsense and Infolinks is still better. ~