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Mark at Digerati Marketing is letting the cat out of the bag a little early.  He’s announcing a few SEO tools that he’s been using and that he’s decided to release to the public.  And like any good marketer would do, the release will be limited.  (I should mention that it’s a smart idea from a coders standpoint as well.)  He’s looking for a few testers for the tools, and the potential reward is pretty good.

If you are one of the testers for these tools and give feedback on their development, you will have lifetime free access to them.

Sounds like something a few of you might want to get in on.  Well, perhaps I should give you an idea of what the tools are.

The first is a tool called Link Backrub.  It takes a crawl of the internet, finds sites that are linking to you that haven’t been indexed in Google (those exist?) and then gets them indexed.  I’m not entirely sure that I see the value here as Google has gotten uncannily good at indexing new sites.  I think I’d have to see it to believe it on this one.

Then he’s got FlashDex which “guarantees” that any site will be indexed within one hour.  It’s certainly possible and could be a very usefull tool if you want to get yourself in the SERPs quicker than normal.

Next comes something he calls Social Storm.  From his description, it sounds like a way to game the social bookmarking sites.  Not sure that it’s not a bit black hat, but could be very useful.   In the same line of thought, he’s got StumbleXchange Automator.  If you’ve ever used StumbleXchange, you know it can be a bit cumbersome and an automator would make things very easy.

Last but not least is Link Buster.  Mark says it’s his favorite and claims that it can get you 100s of backlinks (relevant ones) per month.  Sounds like a pretty nice SEO tool if you ask me.

All in all, having free access for life to these tools could be very beneficial.  To sign up to be part of the pool that the testers will be chosen from, you need only write a post that trackbacks to the original post at Digerati Marketing.  20 will be randomly selected and will then be narrowed down to 10 via a bit of an interview.  What are you waiting for?  Get cracking!

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