Income for July 2007

I haven’t gone about spouting out my income from my digital adventures, but have seen a few others doing it lately and really thought it might be interesting to do for a while.  More as a record keeping venture for me and a way of setting goals and such for the future.

Incomes for July 2007:

  • TLA: $132.32
  • Adsense: $30.14
  • PayPerPost: $86.77
  • Linkworth: $28.00
  • Amazon: $3.68
  • Commission Junction: $9.77
  • AuctionAds: $5.20

Grand Total: $295.88

Not bad considering that I sold off my highest paying website when I sold A Penny Saved.  Some of you will be wondering how I make money with PayPerPost when there are no PPP posts here or on eBayHabit.  Well, I post them elsewhere.  Any paid post here or there or anywhere is always marked as a paid post.

One funny observation from last month stemmed from the fact that Amazon doesn’t pay you until the item has shipped.  Quick Quiz…  Can anyone tell me what I might have sold that shipped on the 21st of July?

That was easy wasn’t it.  Harry Potter.  I wrote a post before about how the preorder was available and somehow from that, I managed to sell three copies of the book.  It only amounted to a little under $3 but as you can see from the Amazon total, that was about 80% of my income from them last month.

One other point I should make is that not all of these totals will be sending me money this month.  Some have payment caps that I haven’t reached yet and as such, my money gets held by them until I reach that cap.  Adsense, for instance has a $100 cap that I just reached in July for the first time in about 3 months.  Therefore, I’ll be receiving my first check from them in over 3 months this month.

If you’d like to give any of these income streams a try, take a look at my list of ways to monetize your blog!

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Shane Ede is an IT guy by day and a Entrepreneurial Blogger by night. You can follow him here on Thatedeguy or over on Twitter and Google+.


  1. You have your income nicely spread over several revenue sources, well done!

    I included you in the Blog Earners Report

  2. Ahh welcome to the world of online income reports 😉 Good to see that you’re showing hard numbers – some of us ( me included ) don’t for some crazy reason. It’s nice to see hard numbers so that new folks have an idea of what is possible.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Leroy. I’ve been debating whether to publish those numbers for a while now. I decided that I should for exactly the reason that you mentioned. To prove that it’s possible, give a little hope, and most importantly to set some goals for myself and my readers.

  4. Great job! Thanks for posting your monthly income report. 🙂


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