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As part of my evolution as a blogger and as a webmaster (because you really should be both, if even slightly) has involved a great deal of research, testing, learning and then some more research, testing, and learning about link building. Depending on who you ask, some may say that link building is the most important part of a healthy website/blog. I happen to think that it is one of the most important parts of a website/blog. By increasing your links, you get much more natural traffic rather than search traffic. That’s good.

Many different sites take a sites links into account when computing a ranking. It’s a pretty big factor in pagerank. It’s the only ingredient in Technorati authority. Only. Technorati Authority is comprised of the total number of unique links to your blog in the last 6 months. As of this very second,’s Technorati authority is 59.

Now for the increasing part. Warning, it’s a meme. If you don’t like memes, stop reading here and peruse the archives here. I stumbled upon the meme at It’s pretty simple really. A bit of a link building meme that is designed to increase links and as a result, the sites Technorati authority.

So, without further ado. To participate, simply copy the list below into a post on your site. Add a couple of sites to the list using the same format. Let your blogging friends know and ask them to participate. Each person that participates after you adds one link to your total. With any luck, it snowballs and you gain many, many links.

*** Begin List *** links to links to
TheDOGRBlog links to LorisWorld
TheDOGRBlog links to BusinessPhones
TheDOGRBlog links to WhatIt’sReallyAllAbout links to The Gospel According To Rhys links to Bush Mackel links to Don’t Be Shy links to Susan Suarez
Bush Mackel links to Ordinary Folk
Bush Mackel links to News Notion
Bush Mackel links to Listikal
Bush Mackel links to Me and My Drum
Bush Mackel links to Brown Baron
Susan Suarez links to Shaun Low
Susan Suarez links to Why Go Elsewhere
Susan Suarez links to Adsense Track
Thatedeguy links to 45n5
Thatedeguy links to AIS by Sarah
Thatedeguy links to John Chow
Thatedeguy links to Shoemoney
Thatedeguy links to Gluten Free

*** End List ***

Now, go out and improve your authority!

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