Redirects for affiliate links? Yes or no?

You most likely haven’t noticed it yet, but I’ve begun using redirects for my affiliate links.  I’ve been blogging for very nearly 2 years (August 11 makes 2 years) and for nearly all that time, I’ve been unable to figure out exactly why a person would use a redirect for affiliate links.

Obviously, since I am now using redirects, I get it now. One of the first arguements for redirects that most people will use is that it makes your affiliate link look less like an affiliate link.  Instead of something like you can have something like  That’s not the reason that I use redirects.  In fact, that is one of the reasons that I didn’t use them for so long.  I don’t like hiding the fact that a link is an affiliate link.  So just for your information, any link that has the structure is most likely an affiliate link redirect.  Chances are that I’ll use it for some other things once in a while, but the majority of them will be affiliate links.

So, why am I using redirects?  Well, let me give you the backstory first.   A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from an affiliate that I use on another site that the affiliate link that I was using was no longer valid.  When that happens, they redirect the link to a page that says that the link is no longer valid.  If you’re recommending a product or service, it reflects poorly when the link you give is invalid. It can be avoided though.  By using redirects, I can very simply change the link in the redirect file and not have to change the links that I have all around my different sites.  Simple really.

Using redirects is also a great way to shorten the link down.  Some affiliate links can be several hundred characters long.  They wrap around the page and overall look nasty when you actually print the link.  With a simple redirect page, I can shorten that 200 character link to a 20 character link.  Makes it easier to remember too.  No more having to go to the affiliate site and get the link again because I can’t remember a 200 character link.

What about you?  Do you use redirects for affiliate links?  Why? Why not?

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  1. I’m going back and forth with that same problem. Right now I am sticking to the original affiliate links but I am sure I will try it both ways.

  2. Never thought about Aff links changing. I guess that’s because I’ve not suffered that in the past. My main reason is because I can’t remember all my affiliate links but I can remember my redirect links.

  3. Thatedeguy says

    That is also another really good reason to use them Sarah. I know it’s helped me out over the last few weeks while using them.


  1. […] If you’re a user of Text-Link-Ads, you’ve most likely got an email waiting for you (if you haven’t opened it already) that will tell you that they’ve gone and changed the URLs for the affiliate links.  What’s more, the old links will no longer work in 1 week.  Talk about a prime example of why you should use redirects for your affiliate links. […]