Apple Fanboys get Burned. Whiners.

<rant> (you’ve been warned)

Look.  If you’re going to be a devout fanboy, you can’t whine when you get burned.  So what, you sat in line for 24 hours and got one of the very first Apple iPhones.  Do I feel sorry for you?  No.  What now?  Steve Jobs announces a $200 price drop for new iPhones.  Whoops.  I guess that’s what you get for being a fanboy.

Of course, Steve isn’t blind or deaf, so your whining did get you $100 of that back if you bought early.  You’re lucky to be getting even that.  Frankly, if you’re dumb enough to be so enraptured with a company or item that you’re willing to stand in line for more than an hour or so for the ability to buy it, you deserve to pay a premium for the item.  The only good reason to do that is to take advantage of someone stupider by selling it on eBay for twice the premium you paid for it.  That’s a good use of your time in line.  Getting paid for it.

And why was the iPhone such a brilliantly great gadget up until the other day?  What changed?  When you thought it was a  $600 gadget it was the greatest phone ever.  At $400, it’s suddenly a horrible gadget from a horrible company?  BullSh!t.  You got your teensy feelings hurt and you’re holding a grudge.

And what the hell were you doing paying $600 for a phone in the first place?  You’re probably the same people who complain when your $300 bottle of wine doesn’t have the exact taste it was supposed to.  If you can afford to waste $300 on a bottle of wine, you have no right to complain about it.  What you should be complaining about is how people like you have way too much damn money and it isn’t fair to smarter, more sensible people.

Consider that $100 premium you paid a fee that you pay to Apple for being allowed to be a Fanboy.  And don’t think for one minute that I’m letting you get away with the “early adopter”, cutting edge, bull either.


P.S. Gizmodo has a few ways that you might (might) be able to get more than $100 back.

< /rant>

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  1. Listen mate just by a mac and stop whining. they work better with less hassle and oh yes what’s this thing you call a virus? i am sure if you ask your mom she will let you have a little bit more pocket money to go towards the purchase.

  2. Define work better Dave. Last time I checked, a little over half the programs I like to run won’t on a Mac. And don’t tell me that Mac’s don’t have viruses. I know that’s bull. I will pass your message on to my Mom next time I see her. Maybe I can get a little extra for you so you can still afford to be a fanboy.

  3. Shane is getting a little edgy, I like the new sound! I said the iPhone was $200 too expensive at launch day, see (not linked): (Editors Note: I linked it up. It adds context to the conversation.)

    However, I do slightly disagree with you that standing in line doesn’t have other value. Wasn’t Woz in line too? And other legendary Apple people. Seems like a social event of sorts and that is a form of networking.

    We stood in line for a couple hours for the Wii. That turned out to be a good idea because up until recently we didn’t even see the Wii in stores locally.

    So standing in line around/on launch days isn’t always without merit 🙂

  4. If you look at it that way, I would stand around for a few hours (8-10) for $200 if Woz was there. But that’s only one line out of thousands. And while it’s possible that more than one line had people who would be very valuable networking contacts, there were hundreds (if not more) that only had other fanboys waiting around for an iPhone.
    As for the Wii… Well, I stood in line for a short while for a PS3, but it was for profit and not for entertainment. Though, if I had the $600 burning a hole in my pocket, I would have bought one. I still would.
    But Apple Fansboys are a different breed altogether. While you or I might complain a little about a price drop two or so months after we bought a Wii or PS3, it wouldn’t match the outrage of the Apple fanboys who got spanked by their favorite deity, I think.

    P.S. TDavid: I’m linking that link. It’s a good article and adds value to the context of the conversation.

  5. I almost bought an iPhone but was turned off by the fact that it plays videos but only has an 8GB hard drive. That doesn’t make much sense, I can’t even fit all of my MP3s on 8GB.

    Now I’m glad I didn’t buy one.

  6. Exactly! That is what I dont’t get. What kind of marketing is that do frop the 4GB model and cut the price for the 8Gb after only 10 weeks in the market??

  7. lmao good stuff man. i havent laffed so heard in a long time. way to lay the smack down. i feel the same way about u with regards to apple crap. the only thing that looks kinda kool is the new touch, but im hoping there will be another competitor with the same kinda thing. keep it real man.