Get $25 free from AuctionAds!

Auction ads is giving away more money.  They just raised their referral % to 5% of referrals revenue, and now they are offering something much better.  If you sign up a new account for AuctionAds, they’ll credit your account with $25.  Free.  No strings attached.

What’s more, if you are already a publisher with AA, but have never gotten a payout, you can still get the $25.  I’m not sure if you’ll need to contact them for that, but the offer is there.  I’m not eligible since I received a payout earlier this year. (at the previous $25 payout threshold instead of the newer $50 threshold.)

If you’re in it for the 5%, the cookies last 30 days and you get the 5% for six months.  Pretty good deal really.

In my experience, AuctionAds has performed poorly here while performing semi-ok on some more product oriented sites.  Their ad filtering needs a little help, but does an ok job.  They’ve recently added some new, flashier ad formats and are supposedly in the process of adding some new sizes for those as well.

Bottom line is that if you have a product oriented site, you should really think about adding AuctionAds to your rotation.  It could pay off really well for you.  They pay out 100% of the eBay affiliate earnings and with the combined effort, you get anywhere between 25% and 50% of the sale.

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