Is Kevin Trudeau the Best Salesman of Our Time?

Every body knows Kevin Trudeau. He’s best known for his “Cures they don’t want you to know about” book of health “cures.” He’s also written a follow up to that book along with “Weight Loss cure they don’t want you to know about” and now, “Debt cures they don’t want you to know about.”

I’ve seen very little actual coverage of his books that was positive. But each of his books seems to hit the bestseller lists. Why? I think he’s one of the best salesmen of our time. Next time you see one of his infomercials playing, watch it. Don’t flip the channel or turn off the television. Watch it. I’m willing to bet that even if you know that it’s a sham, you’ll have at least a twinge to buy the book.

There is a lesson to be learned in his sales techniques. He is quite obviously quite adept at selecting some of the most hot-button issues to write about. He also is quite obviously a superb researcher (or pays one) because I don’t believe he really knows all that much about most of the subjects. He is also a great public speaker. He knows what words to accentuate to make your ears perk up and listen. He then knows what words and phrases to use once he has your attention so that he can sell you on the product.

We as affiliates, bloggers, all around entrepreneurs can learn a great deal simply by attempting to mimic those traits. You have to select the best niche products. If you’re going to go after a popular one, you better be able to sell gum in the lockjaw ward. Learn how to sell. If you’re like me, you’ll probably fail many, many times before you succeed. I’ll let you in on a secret. That’s called learning.

In the case of Kevin, information is his product. If he were a poor researcher, he would either have no information to sell or very poor and incorrect information to sell. Think of your sales page or sales copy as your information. Do your research so you can knowledgeably write/talk about your product. If you’ve chosen to sell ringtones, you had better know how to load one on your phone. Even if that means using BitPim. Don’t know what BitPim is? Don’t sell ringtones.

Lastly, learn how to get your readers attention. Learn how to use action words in your writing. If you use poor wording, you won’t sell nearly as much as you should. Tell your customer about your product and then call them to action. Give them a very clear action and use that action to make them buy your product.

Proper use of all these techniques has made Kevin Trudeau a worldwide bestselling author. It has also made him a very rich man. If you’re like me and want to be a rich man, you’d do well to learn how to be the best salesman in your niche. I’m still working on it, but a little bit each day gets me that much closer to being top of the class.

Added: If you’re looking for the “Debt Cures they don’t want you to know about” book, this is not the place. But do visit the Debt Cure that I want you to know about to find a debt “cure” that really does work.

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  1. Yeah, Kevin has been pushing every snake oil remedy under the sun.
    Finally he smartened up and started printing books which is protected by the first amendment.
    But surprise surprise, if you order the book online you will also get charged for a monthly newsletter.

    Great blog btw

  2. Interesting. I’d love to find a mix of hot sellers but a product where I could face myself in the mirror the next day!

    I hate to think of the folks with serious illnesses who waste precious time on his non-cures. Similarly, it’s sad to see products that fuel the paranoia out there about the traditional medical community. How many people die of curable illnesses in pursuit of alternatives? Dang!!

  3. I only bought Weight Loss Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About after I met someone who lost 40 lbs in a month. Got to know this person long enough and well enough to know they weren’t Bullsh*ting.

    I’m half way through the book, have taken some of the measures he recommends, and am starting to see results. What I’ve learned (as if I didn’t already suspect) is just how underhanded the corporate smear machine works in this country, and I have no doubt whatsoever some of the individual negative reviews on the internet about Kevin’s books are planted. Hey, look how we wound up with a Pompous Spoiled Brat Functional Illiterate Corporate Whore in the White House! Not only has America become the fattest nation on earth, but we’ve now become the dumbest as well. Kevin Trudeau TELLS THE TRUTH about how corporations only care about their profits, not your health.

    Remember, the food companies make the most money by our eating ourselves into obesity. Likewise, the big drug companies only make money when we’re sick, not when we’re well. THINK ABOUT IT.

  4. I think if I knew someone who had read any of the books and benefited from them, it would be a different story for me too, but I don’t. So I still have a hard time believing anything the guy says. But he got you and your friend to buy the book, so at least my claim that he’s the best salesman of our time is correct. 😉

  5. Has any one order the bool debt cures. I order on 9-14-07 and paid extra for fast shipping and i still don’t have it. It hasn’t been taken of my account yet. i just wonder what paople thought of this book

  6. To be honest Kevin Tudeau is a great salesman. Even though most of his information in his books are a scam, he does a great job on his infomercials to pull the veiwer in and turn them into a solid beleiver.

  7. Thank God for giving me wisdom to surf the web after seeing Kevin on TV for the second time. I was about to order his book-hey, we can all use help in our credit-getting atleast $10,000.00 the next day, and so on. I thank God for his leading me to this web site. Thanks gise! God Bless You

  8. has any one bought his book Debt cures and have you tried it?If so let me know .

  9. kevin is a real shrewed dude cause he uses info that is already widely known to make alot of money off dummys

  10. I bought his book, “Natural cures they don’t want you to know about.” After reading it and applying his suggestions, not only have I but my entire family have seen great results in our health. I have told many friends about hsi suggestions, and they too have had great results. I think a lot it, like anything, depends on your willingness to follow directions and make changes!

  11. Looks to me like the owner of this blog makes comments and criticisms of publications he has never read while plugging his own affiliate links. Though I can not give Mr Trudeau credit for either giving good info or bad as I have not read any of his books , I give even less credibility to someone who condemns without giving real examples stemming from actually reading the books they are condemning. Sad. I’ll continue my search elsewhere for real research on Mr Trudeau’s works.

  12. Thanks for your opinion Tim. Since this is my site, I feel that I can disperse my own opinion freely. There are many people, like myself, who wouldn’t waste our money on something like the Trudeau books. Not because all the information is false, but because it is freely available in more reputable sources.

  13. so why havent you been bold like trudeau and posted them , why citisize the guy if your so cowardly to speak.
    he yes making money but he pulling covers on all these companies.
    so if your not goin to help . SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Miguel, I’m not sure what it is that you’re asking here. This article has nothing to do with pulling covers or criticizing Mr. Trudeau, but to do with his skills as a salesman.

  15. Basically, long story short (I left a similar posting on another posting, but though more people should know because I truly feel it should be known):

    I bought the book, even though I felt Kevin Trudeau seemed to be a bit of a shady character. I thought to myself: hey, if it even saves me $40, it will be worth the investment. So far, Ive saved about $300, and I havent even implemented all of the suggestions I can implement. So, does Kevin seem to be shady as a salesman? Yes. But Do I think Debt Cures is a valuable book? YES!

  16. yeah, you need to read the book. you can’t spend ten dollars? what a loser. Even better, you can’t go to the library and borrow the book. Thats even lower than low. Like Tim said, give examples of what he says don’t work. Start reading then commenting, you disser, or should I say low life scum, that feeds off of negativity. Get a life man. People want honest feedback, of knoweldge that they have in objectivity not hearsay.

  17. Thatedeguy says

    Anonymous Coward: Have you checked the price of the book lately? Kevin is selling it for 29.95. Amazon is about 20. And if I really did want to read the book, I would go to the library.

    Like I replied to Tim, if you’ll read the post, I never say that what he says won’t work. In fact, I really do believe that most of it is pretty decent advice. However, wrapping up really decent advice in a blanket of what I think are deceptive practices in shipping, memberships, and the like is the problem I have.

    And if you’re gonna stop by and rag on me, at least do so with a name. All your anonymous bit does is make me believe that you really don’t think you’re right.

  18. Kevin Trudeau is a liar. His latest infomercial is filled with half truths and outright lies. Anyone can sell anything when they promise the sun the moon and the stars. I can’t believe you think this makes a salesman “good”.

  19. the guy claims he met with a “Bank President” (yeah, which bank?) and that he has received “death threats”. He’s full of s*it. They charge something like $11.95 just for shipping & handling. If he were as interested in helping people in financial trouble as he claims, he wouldn’t be making $ off S & H. Most fulfillmetn co’s charge about $1.50 to label & ship and freight would be MAX. $4.

  20. Does anyone know, Kevin Trudeau’s Telephone Numbers? i.e., Home, Business, Info-mercial (1-800…)???
    My e-mail is, “”
    Respectfully, Troy

  21. Kevin Trudeau is the biggest phony ever. The man has made a $2 billion fortune by constantly ripping off people – he manages to find the most desperate groups of people and preys on them.

    as a practicing doctor, i am amazed with the sheer ridiculousness of his books. and dont be stupid – if the drug companies had a cure to a disease (i.e. diabetes), they would not “hold it back” so they could “make more $” by keeping you sick…they would obviously sell it to you!

    his actions have convinced me that this planet is filled with stupid people. there really is a sucker born every minute. sadly, the fact that people who are actually doing things for the betterment of society are ignored and this huckster is rewarded by billions makes me less of a believer in god than ever before.

  22. I was just wondering what the sites were that he talked about for getting government grants were and if they were any good?

  23. Trudeau perfectly fits the classic definition of a sociopath. Glib, without remorse, portraying himself as a ‘victim’ of law enforcement and consumer protection agencies, repeating scams over and over, he is incapable of honest work and most likely takes some kind of perverse pleasure in scamming people. He should be locked up and his fraudulent empire seized and distributed among his many victims. He is simply a con man trying to convince the gullible he is a ‘reformed’ con man and a ‘consumer advocate.’

  24. I’m a 3 time cancer survivor and my oncologist suggested I go the natural cures rout, and it’s sure made a big difference. I definitely would recommend that anyone give the natural cures way a try. Plus I have found that going organic has made me feel a great deal better also.


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