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Blog Tool Overkill?

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ll know that there was a new blogger tool released recently called BlogRush. The concept is that you put a widget on your blog and it counts your traffic and you get credits for each pageview. You then sign up people under you ( like an MLM downline ) and earn credits from them as well. For each credit that you earn, your blog gets a pageview on someone elses blog that has the widget in their sidebar. Sounds like a pretty good tool and I have given it some consideration for addition here on Thatedeguy.

So, why haven’t I added it yet? Because I am suffering from Blog Tool Overkill. How many widgets can we add to our sites before we’ve ceased to provide any true benefit and we’re just working for the widgets. ( Isn’t that a song? “Working for the Widgets. Everyday…” ) I reluctantly added the MyBlogLog widget to my sidebar a few weeks ago. It takes a little bit of sidebar space. The BlogRush widget would take just as much. And what about the next service? What if I were to add the BumpZee widget? Adds just as much. All of a sudden, with three blog tool services, I’ve effectively tripled my sidebar usage. Not to mention the poor visual effect that all those widgets have.

What do I gain from that? Very little for what I lose. I gain a bit of exposure from the BumpZee service. Not much really. I get to give a little bit of exposure to my readers through the MyBlogLog widget. That’s worth the space. After all, where would I be without you the reader? And I might gain a little bit of traffic from the BlogRush widget. Enough to warrant the loss of precious space on my sidebar? Not likely.

Add to that the potential for BlogRush to be very ineffective for anyone that falls short of 10,000 views a month. And the potential for it to be seen as a traffic exchange (isn’t it?) which could be a violation of the Adsense TOS which forbids getting traffic from a traffic exchange. All of a sudden, what could be a decent traffic tool becomes a potential hamstring to your revenue. Do you really want to threaten your income for a little traffic?

Me either. I’m avoiding my Blog Tool Overkill and keeping my sidebar from getting any messier. From now on, I think I’ll try and remove an equal sized widget/ad for each one that I ad. Give it a qualifier. Make it earn it’s spot. You should do the same.

If you’re still interested in BlogRush, eMonetized has a good roundup of reviews around the blogosphere.

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StoreSuite Shopping Carts

I’ve been looking into shopping cart software off an on for about 6 months as I really want to branch away from blogging sites and into sites that take a little less upkeep. I figure if I one site with one income is good, two sites with 3/4 income is better and so on. Of course to do that, they sites have to become somewhat of a automated income stream. A shopping cart doesn’t necessarily fit that bill, but it would fit nicely with an expanded effort in my eBay ventures. Why pay $15.99 a month for an eBay store when I can set up my own for a fraction of the money and drive traffic too it. All the while, not paying eBay their disgusting fees. Sounds like a winner to me.

storesuite suggestive cartI had pretty much decided on using osCommerce as my shopping cart until I saw a few screenshots and a list of the features in StoreSuite. I think I’ll be giving it a try when it is released. It has a nice set of features that includes integration with nearly all of the more popular payments. I didn’t see the new Amazon payment listed there, but I sure would like to see it. It also integrates with most of the popular shipping systems. That’s nice. Automatic, integrated shipping quotes makes a site feel that much more professional. The inventory system sounds top notch as well. It purportedly can have set limits and when the inventory reaches that point, it is automatically pulled from the site. If you’ve ever oversold a product, you know how nice that feature is.

And of course, the website guy in me loves the fact that it’s template driven and has a lot of AJAX use going on. Drag and Drop design. Sweet.

At the moment, you can only sign up for as a beta tester, but maybe it’s worth while to try and get in on the testing. Could give you a head start on the consulting for the software as it’s bound to become a popular software. The expected release is somewhere around the 4th quarter of 2007, so it should be knocking on peoples doors pretty soon.

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Subscribers Wanted, Inquire Within

So, as you can probably guess, I’m in search of more subscribers. I’d really, really like to get over that 100 subscriber hump. I can’t seem to do it. Of course, once there, I’d like to stay there for a while as well.

Feedburner stats on 9/7/07

As you can see from my feedburner stats, I’ve been stuck between 40 and 60 (it hovers around 45-48 most days) since at least February. A few spikes here and there, but generally in the same region. My all time average is 30, so you can see why the 40-50 isn’t setting well with me.

So, it doesn’t pay much (or at all), but if you’d like to be my newest subscriber, you can find out how on my Subscribe to Thatedeguy page. It’s got all the neato info that you’ll need to subscribe for all that awesome content that I pump out of here. Quality over quantity as usual.

Also, if there is a particular reason that you don’t or won’t subscribe let me know. I’d also like to hear about it if you were a subscriber and are not any longer. Please drop me a line through my Contact page or in the comments on this post.

I appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

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Apple Fanboys get Burned. Whiners.

<rant> (you’ve been warned)

Look.  If you’re going to be a devout fanboy, you can’t whine when you get burned.  So what, you sat in line for 24 hours and got one of the very first Apple iPhones.  Do I feel sorry for you?  No.  What now?  Steve Jobs announces a $200 price drop for new iPhones.  Whoops.  I guess that’s what you get for being a fanboy.

Of course, Steve isn’t blind or deaf, so your whining did get you $100 of that back if you bought early.  You’re lucky to be getting even that.  Frankly, if you’re dumb enough to be so enraptured with a company or item that you’re willing to stand in line for more than an hour or so for the ability to buy it, you deserve to pay a premium for the item.  The only good reason to do that is to take advantage of someone stupider by selling it on eBay for twice the premium you paid for it.  That’s a good use of your time in line.  Getting paid for it.

And why was the iPhone such a brilliantly great gadget up until the other day?  What changed?  When you thought it was a  $600 gadget it was the greatest phone ever.  At $400, it’s suddenly a horrible gadget from a horrible company?  BullSh!t.  You got your teensy feelings hurt and you’re holding a grudge.

And what the hell were you doing paying $600 for a phone in the first place?  You’re probably the same people who complain when your $300 bottle of wine doesn’t have the exact taste it was supposed to.  If you can afford to waste $300 on a bottle of wine, you have no right to complain about it.  What you should be complaining about is how people like you have way too much damn money and it isn’t fair to smarter, more sensible people.

Consider that $100 premium you paid a fee that you pay to Apple for being allowed to be a Fanboy.  And don’t think for one minute that I’m letting you get away with the “early adopter”, cutting edge, bull either.


P.S. Gizmodo has a few ways that you might (might) be able to get more than $100 back.

< /rant>

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