PageRank update on it’s way

Just a quick note.  It looks like the pagerank update is finally happening.  After dropping down to a 3 last week, I’ve bounced back up to a 4 now.  Was at 5, so it’s a bit of a drop, but better than a 3 any day.

It looks like a few of the other sites that got hit this week have gotten most if not all of their pagerank back as well.

Two things that could have happened here.  Either last weeks drops were some sort of rollback to a previous pagerank data, or it really was a “penalty” drop that Google thought better of.

Maybe all the negative buzz had something to do with it.  I’m sure we’ll never know.  The site I’ve been using to check my PR is  There are several more out there, that’s just the one I’ve been using.

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  1. I think Google did the penalty drop first. Then yesterday they started the normal pagerank update. So It might be a site went from the 5 they had 6 months ago to a 3 on the penalty. Then increased to 4 based on the pagerank update.

    It wasn’t until yesterday that pages that had not been ranked 6 months ago started to get ranked.

    Also pagerank can bounce around during pagerank updates. I don’t really understand why. But looking at different Google datacenters the rank for your site can very over a period of days. That it takes awhile to propagate I could understand. Say you go from a 4 to a 5 – they might not all show that at first. But I have seen sites show values from 2-5 that change on different datacenters back and forth over a few days. That just seems weird to me.