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In my recent post, I asked “ Users Getting Banned?“  It seems that there is only about half truth to that statement.  Here’s the response that is in the comments of that post from the crew at

It’s just Google’s “too many links at once” automatic filter… When over 100 new links pointing to one page appear in several days, all with the same anchors (which is unnatural) – Google will likely notice you and the pages you were promoting may disappear from SERPs for 1 month (after that tey will return even higher). This automated filter is intended to keep you away from buying links, but it’s very easy to avoid the filter!

Your case doesn’t mean, that Google bans TNX buyers (there is no may Google can identify TNX links). It only means that there IS a risk when buying links without following our recommendations:

We just give you a convenient tool to place many of direct links, it is up to you to choose when to stop placing new links and how to make anchors look more natural (variety is the key), which links to delete.

Previously our advertisers didn’t have a generator to make anchors look natural. Until now! Just look at the new Step-2 of Creating campaign: you can now generate hundreds of different anchors with a click of a button.

We suggest that you now try to buy links following our recommendations and then publish a follow-up review. If you don’t do that – then… the main purpose of Google’s automated “too many links at once” filter – to scare you from buying link – is accomplished :)
Have you ever thought of WHY Google wants to scare you from buying links? Because it works great, when done with care, of course!”

You wrote: the reason behind it all is the super fast acquisition of links – indeed, it is.

So, the short answer is Yes, Google is banning users of  But it’s only temporary.  Given time, you should come out the other side smelling like a rose.  I’ve got two sites (with a third waiting on approval) that I have campaigns running for.  At the moment, I haven’t seen any of the problems with the Google filter.  One has over 300 links through the service so far and the other has about 180.  I haven’t seen any movement in the SERPs either up or down.

I guess in the end, it’ll be up to you whether you want to risk a month in the sandbox in exchange for a lot of extra links.  The sites I have in the program don’t have a whole lot of links just yet, so I think the reward will greatly outweigh the risk.

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  1. Joseph Gaines says

    TNX users get banned not because they use TNX for their link buying needs, but because they have no freaken idea what they are doing and what they will get for buying too many links at once that Google has an automatic filter set up for.

  2. Buying link sensibly definitely works. That is why people do it and that is why Google does not want people to do it. I completely agree that buying links sensibly at a reasonable pace and with a variety of anchor text will definitely help your site.

  3. how about if you were selling tnx link space on your site? after a few months, i noticed my PR dropped from 6 to 5 and not exacxtly banned from google but i get 95% less traffic from google now.

  4. so how about i go buy 1000’s for competitor and get them banned then?

  5. I know the people are google are pretty damn smart, but I don’t see how they could tell if you bought links.

  6. Google’s system is working as designed. If someone has a domain that suddenly pops a bunch of one way links – all with the same anchor text – that is going to get spanked. If you are, (1) intelligent, (2) not greedy, and (3) follow a sensible approach – you’ll be fine and you’ll be rewarded with some decent advertising possibilities.

  7. I have a big downloads web sites in Brazil and never buy links…. after 3 years working, today a have 60 mil unique visitors / day…

    Zigg Download

  8. Buying link sensibly definitely works. That is why people do it and that is why Google does not want people to do it. I completely agree that buying links sensibly at a reasonable pace and with a variety of anchor text will definitely help your site.

  9. I wish people would quit worrying about Google and links. Google has an algorithm, they don’t have a minions scouring every crappy site looking to see if they bought links. It’s impossible to detect.

    What Google will do is penalise a site that they deem to be selling links. So, you use feeder sites to sell/trade your links, and only place really relevent outbound links on your main sites.

    It doesn’t matter how many crappy, ireelevent, unnatural links you receive to your own site, becasue ultimately you have no control over how and when you receive them. You may trigger Google’s filter for aquiring links too quickly, and Google may or may not line up a manual review of your site in the process, but your site WILL return (as long as your not trading massive links on that site.

    As for your rankings of your site that’s trading/trading the links – who cares?