Scratchback Beta now paying 90%

After about a week of being in Beta, it seems Jim Kukral and the Scratchback crew are listening to the users.  They just announced that the payout would be 90% after paypal fees.  That’s pretty generous.  They also mention something about moving back to about the same as blogads which is at 30%.  Still not bad.  Much better than the 50% cut after paypal fees that they started out with.

As you can see by the sidebar, I’ve only sold two spots on the top spots widget, so there are 8 more open!  It’s a FIFO list, so as each new one comes in the rest move down one spot.  With only two and the price at $1 you could potentially get your ad there for months.  That’s about 4000 eyes a month.  You can’t beat that much of anywhere else.

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