Online Income for December 2007

December is normally a really good month.  You’ve got to be trying to not make money.  I had a pretty good indication that it would be a good month when my adsense earnings passed Novembers within the first week.  By the end of the month, they had surpassed the entire earnings from November.  Here’s what the rest of it looked like.

  • TLA: $61.43
  • Adsense: $354.73
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $38.90
  • CJ: $47.26
  • Kontera: $112.45
  • Scratchback: $5.94
  • ClickBank: $44.36
  • ClixGalore: $1.25

Grand Total for December: $715.32

Wow.  An increase of 112.97% over Novembers earnings.   The biggest gainer, obviously, was adsense.  It was only $89.59 last month, so close to a 400% increase there.  Kontera continues to increase as well.  About 150% there.  Amazon also picked up with the holiday season.  CJ and Clickbank both got a big sale and jumped the earnings up there.  I’ve completely abandoned PayPerPost.  The payout just wasn’t worth the work I found myself putting in.

I’ve made some money with scratchback, but that’s been slow at best.  If it doesn’t pick up, it’ll probably be the first casualty of the new year.  TLA is headed there as well.  December is the fourth straight month that earnings there have decreased.  Plus, getting rid of them could help get me back in Google’s graces and get my full PR back.

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  1. Congratulations!

    December varies depending on your industry, though. I find Dec is slow for health supplements, for example.

  2. Congratulations on your earnings! My earnings for December went down, but should pick back up again fairly soon!

    May your year be Prosperous!

  3. That’s great, congratulations. In December my Adsense went up, some affiliate offers went down though, this depends on your industry and how it relates to the holidays. anything is better than August if you ask me:)

  4. I think I must have tried really hard! It was a bad month for me on most sites! Congratulations on your earnings!

  5. Those numbers are inpresive. I just launched a site about bellingham wa. So far I have mad a wopping 2.65 in two months with google adsense.

  6. Well done on your earnings. I have found that the best way for me to earn is through sponsored blog articles. I made almost $800 in December from it.