Online Income for January 2008

I was pretty sure that January wouldn’t be as nice as December, but I still thought it would be a pretty decent month.  Turns out, it was my lowest income month since last September.  There are a few things that played into that, but I’ll talk about that later.  Here’s the numbers.

  • TLA: $27.65
  • Adsense: $148.60
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $21.49
  • CJ: $1.95
  • Kontera $38.53
  • Shareasale: $37.52
  • Scratchback: $5.53
  • ClixGalore: $5.00

Grand Total: $335.27

Still, not a horrible month.  Just barely missed beating out November.  The big changes are, of course, that I’ve dropped TLA from this site.  So my income from them drops from $61 in December to $27 in January.  I still haven’t seen anything that says that Google will give me my pagerank back, but that really wasn’t the reason for doing that.  It will be merely a nice bonus if they do.  Adsense went down from December (which I expected) but is still up from November.  I’ve made a few changes that will hopefully result in continued good returns from that.

Kontera seems to be plateauing a little.  I’m not going to complain.  It was way up in December, then is down about $10 from November.  Still, $40-50 a month is still a pretty good revenue stream in the grand scheme of things here.

I’ve been playing a little bit with some PPC, but without having any great luck.  A little bit here and a little bit there. Overall, down.  I’ll have to keep tweaking and see if I can’t make it work a little better for me.

I’m also planning on building up a few of my other niche sites a little bit more than they are.  Hopefully, that will allow for some better returns in the next few months.

Again, if you’d like to investigate any of the Monetization methods that I use, a link can be found to most of them in the Monetize your Blog page.

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Shane Ede is an IT guy by day and a Entrepreneurial Blogger by night. You can follow him here on Thatedeguy or over on Twitter and Google+.


  1. Congrats for the month 🙂

  2. You made about the same this month with AdSense that I made. 🙂

  3. Those are quite good figures there. Keep it up.

  4. Those are quite nice figures, keep it up.