7 Necessary Sales Skills: Overcome Objections

If you’ve been doing a little closing and have asked for the sale but not made the sale, chances are you’ve run into an objection that hasn’t been overcome yet. If you find out what the objection is, you’ve still got a potential customer on your hands. All you’ve got to do is find a way over it.

Overcoming objections can be broken down into a few smaller steps. You’ve got to make sure that you know exactly what the objection is. Summarize the objection and repeat it to your customer. Give your customer to clarify the objection if necessary. Take that objection and then re-sell the customer on the benefits and facts of your product that specifically take care of the objection. If you think you’ve overcome the objection, ask for the sale. Repeat if necessary.

In some cases, you’ll go through this cycle several times before making the sale. In a few rare cases, you’ll go through the cycle several times and still not make the sale. It’s important to know and remember that some objections aren’t put there to be overcome and you can’t overcome them. In those cases, the customer really didn’t want the product. If you overcome the objections properly, you’ll make a lot more sales than you’ll lose.

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