7 Necessary Sales Skills: Supporting Needs

If you’ve effectively listened to your customer and then effectively questioned your customer, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what that customer really is looking for. It’s time to begin selling your customer on what you’ve got to satisfy that need.

How do you do that? Simple. Show how your product supports the customers needs. Let’s say that you’ve come to the conclusion that your customer is looking for a deal on a dozen red roses for his girlfriend. Luckily, you’re running a site that deals in flowers. How should you go about supporting the customers needs? Show the customer why your product is superior to your competitors. Show your customer the dozen red roses that you’ve got on special with free shipping. You’ve just supported the customers needs.

There will be times when the situation isn’t that cut and dry. If the customer doesn’t immediately buy the product, you may still have some convincing to do. There may be objections that you’ll need to overcome. And you may still have to ask for the sale.

Supporting the needs of your customer is really rather simple. All it really takes is to acknowledge the customer’s need, introduce the appropriate product that satisfies that need, and then invite a reaction from the customer. That reaction can be a number of things. Sometimes it will be an immediate sale. Other times it will be an objection or further questions. Overcome those objections and answer those questions and you can move on to the next step. Closing and Follow-Up.

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