Admin not working

The backside of this site doesn’t seem to be working.  When I try to login to the admin side of it, I end up with either a blank page or a message about my mysql server going away.  So, I’m writing this with Microsoft Live Writer. 


As a result, posting might be a little light until I figure this out.  I’m not sure what exactly is causing the problem, but I’m gonna go ahead and guess that it has something to do with the host.  Maybe it’s time to start migrating my sites over to my 1&1 hosting account.


If any of you have happened upon this particular error with a wordpress install and a godaddy mysql server, and gotten it fixed, do let me know how you fixed it.

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  1. I’ve upgraded to wordpress 2.5 and it still isn’t working… Can you guess where the problem is? I’m guessing GoDaddy…