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Congratulations Jered! | Thatedeguy

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Congratulations Jered!

My little brother Jered got himself engaged earlier this week. From what he’s told me (which isn’t all that much. shame on you little brother.) she seems like a pretty good girl. There are a few pictures and a video of the event (isn’t the web wonderful) on his site. It’s a flash bit, so I am unable to embed here or even share a picture here and I also can’t link directly to either. You’ll have to surf the navigation if you want to see any of it.

I talked him into putting it up on YouTube. Or someone did anyways. Here it is:  Jered Gets Engaged!

Congratulations little brother!

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  1. Congrats Jared!!!

  2. and i noticed i had a typing error… oops 🙂

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