Nikon D80 in the House

Nikon D80 DSLR Digital Camera KitI buy items rather frequently to resell on eBay. I don’t make as much doing that as I with my portfolio of sites, but I do make money. Today, I got a shipment of two items that I had bought. One is a HD-DVD player (collectors item I suppose.) and a Nikon D80 Kit. Now, I’ve had my eye on a Nikon D series camera for quite some time. I really want one. I can’t afford one. So, I have to resort to buying one to resell just so I can take 5 minutes with it and test it. The nature of the items that I sell (store returns mostly) requires that the item be tested so that I can vouch for its usability. Darn. I’m going to hate testing out that D80.

Once I get it tested and can verify that it’s in full working order, I’ll be listing it on eBay. Should go live sometime this weekend. If you’re interested, you can take a look at thatedeguy’s auctions and make a bid!

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  1. Ahh it sounds like a tough job buying cool gadgets, playing, err I mean testing them, and then selling them! Hope you get some good shots whilst you have the camera 🙂 I know I’m more than happier with my DSLR investment.