Week 2 Contest Winner

There were only two entries via comment this week. A total of five entries if you count the interviewees that were automatically given 3 points per entry.

After much ado. ( Ok, a hastily written list of the entries) I created a list with the entries in it, went on over to Random.org and created a nice random number. And the number? 5. Which corresponded with the number of Caroline Middlebrook’s first entry. So, WTG Caroline. I’ve sent an email.

UPDATE: Caroline said she doesn’t need the spot, so I redrew and Jim from the Net Fool won.  I’ve sent an email to him and we’ll see if we can’t get the spot filled.

Stay tuned for this weeks contest.

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  1. Thanks again for the win 🙂
    Great contest, great opportunity. Enough said 😉