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If you live in the U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or India, is currently running a sale whereby you can get a free domain and hosting for the domain for 12 months. If you’re looking into starting a blog or are wanting to start a affiliate site, but don’t want to risk the money to see if it will work, this could be a great deal for you.

I don’t have any experience with One or their hosting, but they do seem to be somewhat reputable. Anyone else have any experience with them? If you’re in the US, I still recommend 1and1 hosting for your domain and hosting needs, but it’s hard to pass up a free domain and hosting if you’re in the above listed countries.

If I was in those countries, here’s what I would do. Go sign up for a domain and hosting. It’s free for 12 months, so you have 12 months to test anything that you want to. Put together a simple site with plenty of content and information on an affiliate offer of your choice. Maybe you use a script like BANS or the YEA mashup. Get the site set up and running. Then take the next 6 months to build links and promote. If you do it right, you could make a pretty good amount of money from it. And maybe it becomes worth it to pay for the hosting and domain after the free 12 months ends. Maybe you don’t make a dime and decide to drop both.

It’s a great way to test out a domain idea with very little risk. You can get your free domain and hosting at

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  1. I just got an email the other day from them trying to get me to become an affiliate for their service. I am not too sure about how much affiliate commission you can make with free hosting , but I might give it a try.