Orlando, FL

The annual conference that I go to for one of the software vendors that we work with is in Orlando this year.  I’ve never been that far east and south at the same time.  I think New Orleans is probably the reigning champ in that regard.

So, the trip is in early May.  What I’d like to know is if anybody out there has been to Orlando or is in the Orlando area that can suggest some things to do besides the Disney stuff.  I’ve done SeaWorld and Busch Gardens and I find them expensive for the value I get from them.  What I am really looking for is something with a local flair.  I’ll be staying near the Epcot Center, and probably will need to be within walking distance of whatever it is.  Or a cheap public transit of some sort.

Any suggestions?  I’m looking for food, activities, local attractions, etc…

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  1. Personally – I while I think epcot is worth it.. I would say MGM – if I recall correctly the Disney-MGM studios was more fun. (I think its called Disney’s Hollywood Studios now).

    Twilight Zone Tower of terror, the indiana jones experience, etc.

    I have heard Universal Studios is a blast too, but I have no idea on attractions/relative location/price/etc.

  2. You can go to Universal studios. Or, if you prefer the beach try going to the Cocoa Beach since I think they’re great!