Online Income for April 2008

Well, another month has passed, and it’s time to tally up the revenue for the month.  Keep in mind that this income is from all of my online sites, not just this one.  I could break it down, but that would be a little more trouble than I care to take.  So, here’s the income from April of 2008.

  • TLA: $35.50
  • Adsense: $182.58
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $23.19
  • CJ: $52.60
  • Private Ads: $65.00
  • Kontera: $33.25
  • ClixGalore: $8.00

Grand Total: $449.22

Overall, that’s a drop of 7.62% from March.  We’re headed into the summer months which tend to be a bit slower as everyone starts enjoying the outside weather.  I’m still hoping to work a little harder on a couple of the sites that I’ve been neglecting, but I too want to go outside.  Overall, I’m happy with the month, but would love to have seen an increase instead of what is essentially a stay even.  I’ve got a few new ideas that I’ll be implementing in the latter half of May, so we’ll see if that helps in May and into June.

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Shane Ede is an IT guy by day and a Entrepreneurial Blogger by night. You can follow him here on Thatedeguy or over on Twitter and Google+.


  1. That’s not bad, my friend, in time you’ll have a steady income off the internet. 🙂


    – Mark Cuda |

  2. That’s still a nice earning isn’t it?
    Got to get outside and enjoy the summer.. that’s the nice thing about online earning isn’t it?
    Being able to make money in absence?

  3. You make quite a lot..I kind of envy you..

  4. Pretty nice sum for April. I see Adsense is your biggest earner. You obviously seem to be doing something right with it, so I encourage you to push it. You’d be amazed what you could earn with Adsense with a bit more work.

  5. That’s a good bit of AdSense. Ad revenue and the like are a nice sideline, but if you’re able to get anywhere through CJ, that should be your focus. Just MO.


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