New Addition Coming

It would seem that my wife has convinced me to add to the family.  We’ll be adding another of the four legged children in the next week or so.  Here’s a sneak peak…
Lightning the Golden Retriever

He’ll be coming home the weekend of the 18th! He’s a pretty cute little guy and is already pretty big so might end up being a bit bigger than I would like. But they say that you should let the dog pick you instead of the other way around and this one seemed to make it’s way from our son to my wife and then to me. So, he got the magical collar and is getting his shots and such this weekend. We’ve had a string of dogs from the humane society that have all been adult dogs, so it could be interesting to have a puppy around again. We’ll have to see how Connor takes his toys getting chewed upon.

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  1. Oh it will be great, and since we are getting his brother, it will be more like 2 puppies for us all to play with 🙂

    (We stopped and visited Sparky last night on the way home… he bounced right up to us, so I am convinced recognized us.)

  2. D’AWWWWWW! So cute! Is he pure Golden? They’re usually pretty easy-going and won’t cause much trouble. Good luck with your new baby.

  3. A cute one I must say. Lovely picture you posted too. 😉 I hope you’re prepared for the extra budget though. It could add up to something significant, lol (just kidding).