Archives for July 2008

New Addition Coming

It would seem that my wife has convinced me to add to the family.  We’ll be adding another of the four legged children in the next week or so.  Here’s a sneak peak…
Lightning the Golden Retriever

He’ll be coming home the weekend of the 18th! He’s a pretty cute little guy and is already pretty big so might end up being a bit bigger than I would like. But they say that you should let the dog pick you instead of the other way around and this one seemed to make it’s way from our son to my wife and then to me. So, he got the magical collar and is getting his shots and such this weekend. We’ve had a string of dogs from the humane society that have all been adult dogs, so it could be interesting to have a puppy around again. We’ll have to see how Connor takes his toys getting chewed upon.

Online Income for June 2008

June was slightly, and I mean slightly, better than May.  Already, July is looking a little bit better than both with potential to be a lot better.  Time will tell.  Of course, July would have to be the most busy month of the year so far with things that require my presence away from a computer.  So, if July beats June, it will likely be mostly luck.  Here’s the numbers for June.

  • TLA: $40.09
  • Adsense: $110.31
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $7.14
  • Kontera: $39.56
  • ClixGalore: $8.00

Grand Total: $254.10

That’s an increase of just over 5% from June.  Not bad, but it’s way down from the high of $486 in March.  Here’s looking at you July!

Link Building with Carnivals

How much would you pay for a contextual, focused link to your content from several of the competitors in your niche?  If you use something like Text Link Ads, you might pay $25 a month.  Or you might pay $50 for a one time link.

What if I told you, you could get those links for free.  How? Carnivals.  Much like the real life thing, these Carnivals are nomadic.  Let me explain.

A Carnival is a post full of links to content that fits within the focus of the Carnival.  There are Carnivals that deal with Personal Finance, Debt Reduction, Electronics Reviews, and the list goes on.  These Carnivals are typically held weekly.  The Carnival, in most cases, is hosted by a different blog.  If you submit to a Carnival each week, you get a link from the host for that week.  Pretty easy. Want more links?  Be a host.  It’s common for the host to get a link back from each of the participants in the Carnival.  In some cases, that could mean 50 or more links.

While the links that you receive may not use the anchor text that you really want and will only link to individual posts, they are incoming links.  And they do count.  It’s just one more path in the network for the search engines to follow to your site and help you with your SE rankings.

Bonus Tip: Use to ping the services with the site(s) that are linking to you.  Sometimes those sites don’t already do that and you can increase your link count ranks in sites like Technorati.

Bonus Bonus Tip: Use to look for Carnivals to participate in.

PrintingforLess Coupon Code for July 2008

There’s always some talk about getting custom business cards made up for your blog business so I thought I would pass along this coupon code for

The coupon code is good for a buy 250 Letterhead & Envelopes, get 250 FREE Letterhead & Envelopes plus 500 FREE Business cards.  The first 250 letterhead and envelopes will set you back about $343, but when you consider that it gets you 500 Letterhead & envelopes as well as 500 business cards, it’s actually quite a deal. In fact, when you add it all up, it’s worth over $400 in free supplies.

The coupon code you can use at check out is ASTAT250.  Put your order in today!