Performancing Ads Delivers on Ad Marketplace

PerformancingAdsAre you using Performancing Ads yet?  You should be.  The marketplace is still relatively young and uncrowded.  I had barely had my site listed in the marketplace for 10 minutes before I sold my first ad spot.

The ad spots are all 125×125 spots, which have become oh so popular in the last year or so.  Most templates are already set up for them.  And getting signed up is a piece of cake.  I was able to get signed up and the code inserted in under 10 minutes.  And I was able to do all that and sell a spot in under 30!  That’s quick!

So, what’s the lowdown on revenue share?  They share 80%.  So, for every $1 in ad revenue, you get $0.80 and they get $0.20.  Pretty good for a professionally done ad marketplace.  It may even be good enough for me to drop my self serve ads and go directly through them.  I’ll certainly be watching for comparison to see how things shape up.

PerformancingAdsAlso, if you’re like me and are always looking for a great affiliate program, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the performancing ads affiliate program.  For each advertiser or publisher you refer, you get $10.  On top of that, you also get a 5% commission on all ad buys by any referred advertisers for life!  For Life!  You don’t have to be an einstein to know that could amount to a pretty large amount of money if you refer some good advertisers.

Give Performancing ads a look see.  I think that you’ll be glad you did.  And if you get in early enough, you might just get some good referrals as well!  Oh, and did I mention that they are giving a $25 off of a $100 ad purchase to new advertisers? What are you waiting for?

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