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Comments That Make Your Day

Sometimes, without even knowing it, a person will leave a note or comment or express something in some way that will truly make your day.  It’s not very often that I do get that here.  It’s one of the constraints of the topic that I’ve been writing about lately.  But a comment that came in today from V has done just that.  Thank you V.  Here is the text from the comment.  And here’s a link to the original post that V was commenting on Debt Cures that I want you to Know about.

Yep.  I fell asleep with the t.v. on, woke up and K.T. [Kevin Trudeau] was going on  and on about how the banks charge excessive interest at will with the knowledge of government while targeting the poor and minorities, etc., causing people to become indentured servants,  as his female cohorts egged him for more information on how to lower interest rates or become debt free within 24 hours.  I wrote the number down and went on line seeking blogs on the subject. I found you; I read each and every one until arriving at the “Leave a Reply”.  I am grateful for blogs, I learn so much through them. There’s possibly a blog on everything a person can think of and if not people can start their own.   After reading through them, even locating others on the same subject, people can make an intelligent decision one way or the other.  Additionally, I’ve seen K.T. on a show where he has been asked about being imprisoned and he admitted wrong-doings, etc. Maybe this makes the viewer trust him more. That was the day I purchased “Cures they don’t want you to know about”.  The blogger giving the information about K.T.s misdeeds is also on point.  I’ve come to realize K.T. is certainly a “MASTER SALESMAN” as he can really grab people despite foreknowledge of his wrong-doings, dangerous.  But we must also remember, people like him will eventually have their day as no one can punish a person like God.  With this said, those asking people about the “TWO WORDS” and not receiving a response from the purchaser are probably not given this info because of anger due to them feeling taken advantage of.  They probably have a desire for others to pay for nothing as did they, and if the info is good, why not share.  Shame!  But this is their right.

For those who did share various web-sites, there are many. Individuals can type in something like “government or private grants to pay rent of private citizens,” for example. Generally something will come up.   I’ll do this now to see what comes up…WOW AN ENTIRE PAGE CAME UP.  Check for yourselves.   You can go from there.  Your unselfishness will be rewarded.  I  know because despite all I could complain about, I know I am blessed, even today.  Had I not found this blog, I might have wasted my money.  Some of you have received this same blessing.  I know God has more blessings for me; however I realize He is patiently waiting for me to take care of my current possessions before He adds to it.  It’s like money in the bank waiting to be withdrawn. God will continue to add interest until it is time for Him to release it physically, to me.   God knows none of us are perfect; however he does want each of us to have life more abundantly.  Remember “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”.  We’ve got to prepare for this life despite what others are doing.

James 4: 1 thru 10. “You have not, because you ask not for the right reasons.”  The rest of this chapter is also good reading, but it isn’t intended for you to walk around gloom and doom.  Countered,  Matthew 7: 7 – 12.  Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open.” Also see Luke 11: 9 thru 15. So be prayerful and believe that God will give you what you need and what you want as well but be careful what you ask for.   I’m a living testimony to it all, that God will. Don’t get me wrong, although I am the wife of a minister, which you didn’t know, I’m not a religious fanatic, nor was my initial intention to say anything of this nature. I was just going to say thanks for saving me some money.  You don’t have to agree with anything I’ve said, and I’m not here to convince you of anything.  But I do know God for myself and am simply sharing some thoughts and what I feel may be helpful information to someone.   God works through others and He is a miracle worker, making a way out of no way.  Was it not for God making ways out of no way, and the emphasis is on the word “WAYS”, my family and I would not still be living in our single family dwelling.  There is not enough time in a day go give you accounts of the goodness and mercy, His forgiveness granted me despite my imperfections and mistakes, my sins.  I know God has forgiven me even when I find it hard to forgive myself. But I continue to try despite myself, to do what is right in the sight of God, ever conscious that He know and sees all. This knowledge keeps me grounded.

Each of you start today and make honest attempts to be better stewards over what you have; start preparing yourselves, your households to receive the blessings God does have in store for you. Be prayerful and patient.  Tithe 10% of your earnings, this includes tithing from monetary gifts. Leviticus 27:31-32 “Of all we earn, a 10th belongs to God”  You can read the rest for yourselves. Some say that’s in the OT. It’s in the NT as well but people make excuses to keep from God that which they would not have had without Him. Malachi 3: 8 thru 12 but read that entire chapter. Partial text, “Will a man rob God.  How have I robbed you? Of tithes and offerings.  Test me and see that I will open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you will not have room enough to receive.”  I’m not getting off point, what I am saying is that man disappoints, but God does not. God is always here for us, He never waivers.  God loves you and me.  It is man, we who move further and further away from God via sin. Again, God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. We are all individually and collectively dysfunctional in some way.  Even the best of families are somehow dysfunctional. It’s okay; just try daily to be a better person passing the same to family and friends.  And don’t look at those who seem to prosper via wrong.  Matthew 5: 43 thru 46.  The rain falls on the just as well as the unjust and time and chance happens to  each of us, Ecclesiastes 9:1 thru 12. Your time and your chance as well as mine will come again.  The question is, “Will we be ready to receive our blessings?”

Keep in the forefront of your mind that everyone and everything on Earth belongs to God who gives and takes at will.  That’s better odds than coming from any man I know.  Although some people receive instant blessings, patients is key.  Remember God does not have to prove Himself to us.  You and I must prove ourselves to him. I believe we start out at the center of God’s love, the apples of God’s eye but through sin, we move further and further away from that blessed center finding ourselves at various levels of conflicts. Once outside the boundaries, we can become fair game to the worst of us. Yet some times, I believe God allows some terrible things to happen to some of us in efforts to bring us together as a people.  I know you have heard that voice within you saying do this or don’t do that, but you didn’t heed the warning.  Many of us  sum them up to being at the wrong place at the wrong time; luck, depending on the situation, etc,  giving credit to everything and anyone but God.  People call on God when they are in trouble making promises to Him only to go back on their word after the crisis is over.   Take it from me, it is better not to vow than to make a vow and not keep it.  See Ecclesiastes 5:5.  I’ve done this and will never do it again.  So be of good cheer, God is the answer to every problem we have, from “Aids to Zero debt, but faith without works is dead.  Be the best that you can be. And know that despite how upright each of us may be, we will still face trials, tribulations and temptation, tests.  Will we pass?  YES.  Jesus was perfect and you know what man did to Him. If a person does not believe, it won’t happen “for as a man thinks so is he,” and “Faith without works (preparation) is dead” James 14 through 20.  You and I must fight the good fight. Let us prepare ourselves to receive God’s blessings.   I have given renewed inspiration to myself.  If God has reached just one of  you through me, this was well worth my time.  Blessings to all of you and prepare yourselves now, starting with prayer.

Again, thank you V.  It’s incredibly important to me that what I do is good.  I’m glad that what I wrote could help.

Review: A Meeting At Corvallis

A Meeting At Corvallis

By: S.M. Sterling

After reading The Protector’s War, I was a bit hesitant to continue on with this series of books.  But, like many a reader, I cannot stop in the middle of a series and not finish it.  Can not do it.  And I really am glad that I didn’t stop.  Unlike the rather slow, meandering second book, A Meeting At Corvallis gets right to the point.

The Protector’s War, as promised but undelivered by the second book, begins rather early on in the novel.  Sterling takes the time to explore a few other intricacies that really could have been left out, but overall does a much better job of staying on plot than he did in the second book.  And those of us who were yearning for some closure to the story do indeed get it.  Although, it probably isn’t what we all expected.  Not exactly anyways.

There are some liberties that are taken with the plot and situation resolutions, and there are the multiple ways of saying the same thing that proliferated throughout the rest of the series.  How many ways can you say that a padded hauberk is uncomfortable, but you get used to it?  Not really negatives to the novel.  More like annoyances.

Sterling does a wonderful job of dropping us right into the action of the multiple battles that take place.  He’s wonderfully descriptive with it all and I found myself “seeing” the scene as I read it.  There aren’t a whole lot of authors that have that ability with action, but Sterling manages on multiple occasions.

Most importantly, A Meeting at Corvallis falls back to the same style and speed that got me hooked in Dies the Fire.  I never felt that I was reading to get it done with and I was constantly trying to find time to read a little bit more and see what happened next.  The death of several of the main characters, while expected, didn’t seem to lend as much to the story as it should have.  In fact, it felt a lot like one of those movies where you know they left the end open for a sequel if the movie did well at the box-office.

And there are further sequels.  I don’t think that was Sterling’s intention, but it was the feeling that I came away with.  Now, I just need to get through about 5-6 more novels and find the money to buy the start of the sequel series…  The first novel in the sequel series, by the way, is The Sunrise Lands.  It takes place about 10 years after the end of A Meeting At Corvallis.  Most of the adult main characters have retired and it’s mostly the kids that have taken center stage.

Books in the Dies the Fire (Emberverse) Series:

  1. Dies the Fire
  2. The Protector’s War
  3. A Meeting At Corvallis

If I Can Help a Reporter Out

One of the first things you’ll discover after starting a blog on any subject is that it can be one huge pain to try and get any traffic.  Traffic brings readers.  At the moment, there are 117 of you that subscribe to this site.  Thanks.  But like anyone else, I’d like to have more.  So, how do I bring more traffic and more readers to this site?  Well, there are many ways, but I thought I’d point out a new one that I just found.

It’s called “If I Can Help a Reporter Out“.  It’s created by Peter Shankman and it’s premise is pretty simple.  Each day, Shankman gets querys for a source from many reporters.  Rather than sift through a huge list of contacts that are probably not related to find the one or two that are, he decided it would be easier to have the source find the reporter.  So, he takes the query and appends it to the list.  Then he sends out a few updates to the list a day.  As a “source” I/we look through and find the querys that we can lend some expert help to and reply to the reporter.  Pretty simple really.

And, if the reporter decides to use you as the “expert”, there is a very real possibility that not only will you get a mention, but that you’ll also get a URL in the article.  I shouldn’t have to tell you what a link from even a small town newspaper could do for your traffic.  Or your readership.

I just signed up, so as of writing this, I haven’t even received the first list of the queries.  I’ll try and remember to come back and update this post when I do.

UPDATE: I’ve received the first list and it’s really quite nice.  A quick list of the queries sorted by topic followed by the details below.   About 30 ish queries.

I’m Running Vista. (And, I Like It.)

Not too very long ago, my then current PC (I’m a PC) began to show signs of it’s old age.  It no longer could keep up with some of the tasks that I was giving it.  Rather than plod along with the slow machine, I decided that it was time to make the upgrade to a new PC.  And no, buying a Mac never even crossed my mind.

Why?  Because I find the cultish following that Macs have to be offputting.  I mean, come on.  We get that you love your Mac.  You want to have it’s babies.  And Steve Jobs’ babies too.  I don’t get it.  I really don’t have that much experience with the Apple line of computers, but it would have to make me some toast in the morning for me to think it’s all that you all say it is.

But I digress.  This isn’t a post about how crazy you Mac cultists are.  It’s about my new PC!

I don’t buy retail for things like this.  At least very rarely.  I came pretty close to it this time around, but my better senses kicked in and I went to the old standby.  eBay.  I like eBay.  The PC that I bought could have very easily cost me nearly $2000 retail.  I paid about $550.  When I bought the previous PC (over 7 years ago), it was top of the line.  The best and brightest of everything.  I got over 7 years of use out of it and I only added a few minimal things along the way. The new PC, isn’t quite the best and brightest, but it has way more power than I could hope to use.  Intel Quad Core.  3GB RAM.  720GB 7200 RPM HD.  Nothing too fancy, but way more than what I had.  It’s the equivalent of upgrading from a model T to a Corvette.  Buckle up Dorothy, Kansas is going bye-bye.  (5 completely meaningless points to the first geek that can name that movie)

The one thing that bothered me when looking for my new PC was that most of them seemed to be coming with Windows Vista installed.  From the reviews I had read and a few personal references, I really wasn’t looking forward to using it.  I’ve gotten quite comfortable with Windows XP and really didn’t want to trade in my rather steady OS for one that bombs all the time.

So, with some trepidation, I made the purchase.  I set the machine up, powered it on, and began the journey into Vista.  And I liked it.  There are a few things that I really didn’t care for.  User Account Control?  That’s the program that prompts you every time you press a key to make sure that your really wanted to press that key.  “Are you sure you wanted to press the T key?  Because it looked a little like you wanted to press the Y key and I just wanted to make sure.”  Supremely annoying.  Not to mention somewhat insulting.  I’ve been a Windows user for many years and I would even consider myself somewhat of a superuser.  Please allow me to do most simple tasks without prompting.

A couple of quick searches later and that was disabled.  And other than that, there have been very little things that I’ve either gotten over or fixed.

But, why do I like Vista?  It’s intuitive.  Once you learn the organization of the resources (which takes little time at all), you have all of the regularly used things at the tip of your little white arrow.  Want to find your documents? Games also available at Wizard Slots? Music?  All two clicks away.  The start menu has drop down hierarchal program lists, not some silly drop down that only works if you have the mouse pointer positioned just so.  And did I mention that it’s prettier?  The desktop widgets are great. And yes, I know they stole that idea.  I don’t care that they aren’t the innovator.  There aren’t too many products in any value stream that are truly innovators unless their niche is relatively new.

And, all those problems with devices and programs not working with Vista?  I’ve only had one problem.  A program that I installed had an older version of the divX program packaged with it.  I kept getting funny errors about the COM Surrogate service dying.  Installed the new version of the divX program and it went away.  No other problems.

Perhaps with time, I’ll learn to dislike Vista.  But, I’m also reminded that I actually am one of a select few that didn’t think that Windows Me was all that bad.  So what if you had to reinstall every year or so… 😉