Better Blogging According to Jake

My friend Jake has been getting back on the horse with his blogging.  He’s made some changes to his workflow (which I might have him convinced to share with us here) and has done a really good job of becoming a regular poster.

Jake wrote an article entitled Better Blogging today and I thought that it was worth sharing.  Here’s a few snippets.

There are a number of sites that can help people blog better and make more of their blogs.  One of the best ways to improving my own blogs has been watching other bloggers and learning from their suggestions.  ProBlogger and CopyBlogger are must reads if you are trying to develop your blog.  Also, if there is a particular niche you decide to blog about, make sure to subscribe and follow what they are writing about.  Not only will you occasionally get ideas  on what to write about, but you will be able to interact with those existing communities.

Excellent advice.  There’s a nice subscribe button just at the top of the right sidebar here.  😉

Last tip on blogging I have for this post is – keep trying.  If you are trying to develop a blog and something isn’t working for you, try something else.  Just keep trying.  Ask other bloggers for advice.  It might not work for you, but it very well might give you an idea of what will.

Exactly.  This site in particular has gone through several evolutions (and is always ripe for another) and so is a perfect example of why you should keep trying. might not be a success on the order of some of the big guys, but it makes me money and gives me an outlet for my writings.  That is enough to keep me trying for a while longer.

One thing that I would add, that while not necessarily missing from Jake’s post isn’t made obvious, is to be passionate about your blogging.  Not every blog or website you do has to be on a topic that you’re passionate about, but I think you’ll find that the ones that are do much better in the long run than those that are on topics that you aren’t passionate about.

Another that I would add is to not be afraid to make money with your blog or because of your blog.  There’s nothing spammy or shameful about making money from what you do.  Some of the best bloggers around are making money from or because of their blogs.

There’s plenty more to Jake’s post, so you should go and read the rest.

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  1. Thanks for the review – your comments on it are well on the mark. Being passionate about it is an excellent addition. It not only makes coming up with ideas easier, but makes writing an article on it easier as well.